Loz (lozenger8) wrote,

I may just be a little sick in the head, too...

Guys. Guys. I went to bed, but I kept coughing. My throat is itching like crazy and part of me really wants to watch the second episode of Cranford, but a bigger part is hoping someone will help me continue this Sam/Procedure fic:

Insert tab a into slot b, as shown by Fig 1.3

"What? That can't be right," Sam murmured as he gazed at the crinkled instructions in front of him. Sam checked the diagram once more.

He bent over, as directed. He couldn't see how he was supposed to reach, but then, out of nowhere, he felt a hand on his hip.

"What the...? Who is this?"

"Tab a, Sam," a ghostly voice returned. "Where else was it going to come from? Now proceed onto Fig 1.3b."

Sam spread his cheeks...
Tags: life on mars, writing

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