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Green Eyes...

The finale of Farscape (discounting the mini-series), is like a suckerpunch to the heart that then winds down and tears out your guts. Really.

The thing I admired, as I started getting into the show, was how brave it was. Risky storytelling. And it carried that approach through to the end. I loved how it had meta-humour and took tropes to whole new levels and had a general sense of, 'hey, we can be dark and depressing and full of cracky delicious humour'. How it could be so totally over the top on every level and then soul-wrenchingly subtle. How you had to be a watchful viewer - that you were trusted as an intelligent audience-member. And there were all of these details that came together, interweaved, in such a marvellous tangle.

It was flawed, of course. They had a rotating door of characters, some of which were a little too similar. They completely forgot about Chiana's powers for almost an entire season. They forgot about a lot of D'Argo's character arc for even longer (I really appreciated the callback with 'Mental as Anything'.) Sometimes the moralising was laid on a little thick. And once or twice, major, major shortcuts were taken without any justification. But that's okay. Nothing's perfect.

I'm glad I watched the series. I laughed, I cried, I laughed some more. I shall forever be in love with D'Argo and John/Aeryn (that? is a male/female relationship that worked amazingly well, on screen, even if it did do the dancing 'are they or aren't they' mating bee ritual - all other tv writers take note.) And John and Aeryn separately. And Chiana and Rygel and Pilot and Crais and Scorpius and Harvey and Zhaan and Stark and Jool and Sikozu and Braca and Grayza and Noranti and everyone, because the best thing about the show was the rich characters. And the quality acting that brought them to life. Ben Browder is made of so much awesome. (I secretly want a Simm-Browder cry-off. Who can get to red-rimmed quickest? Tears? Full blown sobbing? Okay, right, now get funny!)

Having said this, I got into an hour of the mini-series before I fell asleep. Yeah, it's hot today and I haven't been feeling well, but I wasn't feeling the love.

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