Loz (lozenger8) wrote,

Oh awesome...

Okay, so I am severely lacking in canon background, but even I can see how much WIN is in Time Crash. Moffat, my heart is still reserved a little bit for you.

And, in slightly different news, of all the shows that never fail to make me one big happy ball of glee, Corner Gas comes first. It always makes me laugh, it always impresses me, I find myself jotting down some of its banter and trying to replicate it in some way. It's just great. It knows its genre, it plays with its genre, and it entertains.

This episode? "You ever notice how every few weeks either me, or Hank or Wanda has some crazy new job?"/"I hadn't noticed and I'm sure no one else has either." HAHAHAHA. I LOVE IT when writers hang a lantern on it, it makes it all okay. Yay for meta-humour, tongue-in-cheek and not taking things too seriously.
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