Loz (lozenger8) wrote,

Shape of Things to Come...

Title: Shape of Things to Come
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 500 words
Notes: Sam/Annie PWP for Porntoberfest!

Sam’s tentative at first, skimming his hand up her thigh and pressing his fingers into the flesh of her hip as he hoists her up and onto him. She smiles and grips hold of his shoulders, sinking down and throwing her head back, exposing a neck he can kiss and nip.

“Is this…?” he queries, voice husky and low.

“So good,” she replies. Annie closes her eyes and takes a deep breath as Sam experimentally lifts her and lets gravity take its course. They’re joined, connected, and it’s the most surreal sensation Annie’s encountered for a long time. Sam holds there, unmoving, and she adjusts to the feeling, but it never feels like something she could fully adjust to. Her heart thumps and her blood rushes against every capillary and she knows she needs more, right now, needs to have him.

Annie raises herself up and surges down. Sam makes a muffled groan of surprise and she opens her eyes again to see him staring at her in confusion. His throat is working, the Adam’s apple bobbing and she bends her head down and licks.

“Come on, Sam,” she murmurs into the hollow of his collarbone. Sam braces his right hand against the wood, fingers curling until the knuckles go white, and rocks up to meet her movement, matching her rhythm and power.

Perspiration trickles over glistening skin and soft, slow sounds echo against the walls as Annie shifts position and crosses her legs against his back, calves slipping against him as she levers herself back and forth. Sam pushes harder, faster, driving into her with the right amount of pain and pleasure and then slows down to almost stopping point, taking her nipple in his mouth and pitching incrementally. His tongue is hot against sensitive nerves and ratchets up the commotion steadily building from her toes up to her head.

“Please,” Annie says, a simple word with so much meaning. She almost rolls her eyes at Sam’s response.

“I don’t wanna hurt you.”

“You won’t.”

As if to demonstrate the assertion, Annie pulls him to her forcefully, wrenching his head back with fingers grasped in short, slick hair. Sam’s eyes widen and he takes the hint, increasing vigor and pace again, more reckless, less hesitant. His breath huffs out in little groans and he’s flush all over. And then he starts to lose co-ordination and timing, easing in and out. Annie doesn’t mind, because she’s unable to think much about anything. Her senses flare, her muscles contract and she comes, whispering his name.

Sam stills and comes too, eyes screwed shut, guttural growl, flexing wildly.

“We should move,” Sam says, after a few moments.

“Yeah, I don’t think this is what the Guv had in mind when he said we could use his office.”

Sam quirks an eyebrow. “But if he did…”

“You’re ready to share me already?” Sam bites his lip and Annie winds her arms around him, nuzzling her nose against his ear. “I wouldn’t say no.”

Tags: het, life on mars, rated nc-17, writing
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