Loz (lozenger8) wrote,

Yuletide Letter!

Dear Yuletide Santa,

My requests were lacking in detail, I know, but really that's because I like pretty much everything. I have a - well, I'd like to say 'quirky', but perhaps 'individual' sense of humour is more apt. I have a dark mind. That dark mind doesn't quite extend to BDSM, watersports, bestiality, necrophilia or scat, though, just for the record.

I love gen, het and slash. I tend to go more for gen, but I am happy with relationship stories too (I do not have anything against smut at all, just in case you were thinking my gen proclivities meant I did. There was a time I was all shy, but I got over that several months ago.)

I love dialogue and banter between characters - depictions of strong friendships. I love quiet scenes and the things that aren't said. Non-linear stories, unreliable narrators, twists in the tail, risk-taking - they're all high on my enjoyment list.

I want you to write something that you like. If you're happy, I will be.

Good luck and thank you so much!
Tags: yuletide

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