Loz (lozenger8) wrote,

Oh, what a beautiful morning...

  • I don't know if this is obvious or not, but I really love writing. It makes me happy in ways other things just can't. Especially when it's working and not being a massive pain in the neck.

  • We're supposed to be going out today, but Nick is still sleeping (I am gradually growing more familiar with this phenomenon.) Time for the air horn.

  • The sky is so blue today. It's gorgeous. This is my second favourite time of year, when it can be a bit chill, but the clouds have whisked away, and there's the smell of newly mown grass. Oh my yes.

  • Speaking of things that were supposed to happen, I was supposed to be going back home today, but I didn't get confirmation of my bus ticket booking. And now I haven't had confirmation of the ticket I ordered for Thursday. I think something may be amiss. Premier Stateliner are trying to keep me in Adelaide. Not that I'm exactly complaining.

  • If Nick ever wakes up, we're going to go watch a movie of his choice - Hairspray. I have mentioned how my brother is so very great in the fact he's not afraid to appear incredibly gay? Not that a love of musicals makes you gay, only that most 17 year old boys would think so.

  • I am really hungry. I want sushi.


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