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Living Loz
Energizer bunnies are go... 
25th-Sep-2007 10:32 pm
Loz Cola
I like rising to challenges and my holidays start next week, so - Name any number of fics you think I will never, ever, ever write. In return, I will attempt to write a snippet of (at least) one of them.

Go wild.
1st-Oct-2007 02:30 am (UTC) - Pretty Princess. Ray/Gene/Sam! in a dress. PG-13
It starts off, Sam’s fairly sure, as malicious torture. Sam awakens bound, head pulsing, wearing a purple frilly dress. Chris’ stag night was eventful, then. Maybe he should explain that it’s usually the prospective groom who gets the hazing, not innocent groomsmen. He drank a lot, he knows he did. He can tell by the burning sensation emanating somewhere near his liver.

It doesn’t quite continue as torture. Sam notices a flicker of movement in the gloom and angles to see Gene standing, leaning against the wall, mouth open in apparent ecstasy as what looks suspiciously like the back of Ray’s head rises up and down in front of him.

Now, he knows this shouldn’t be turning him on. This is hypocritical and wrong and really fucking hot. Gene’s making these noises that stir something deep within Sam’s stomach and Ray’s pulling off and then going back again at a mesmersing speed.

Gene fully opens his hooded eyes and they pierce straight into Sam’s. “Ey up, Raymondo, sleeping beauty is awake.”

Ray moves, standing up and swivelling to look at Sam. Sam can’t see why Gene would want that, but he doesn’t seem at all perturbed. Sam’s heart is thumping against his chest and his cock is straining against the jeans he’s still wearing underneath the dress.

“He is a sight for sore eyes, in’t he?” Ray says with a smirk. The tone of his voice sets Sam off again and he realises there’s nothing he wants more than Ray doing what he was doing to Gene.

“Fuck me,” Sam says. He doesn’t know where the words come from, but he’s not taking them back.

“Oh, Sammy-boy, you don’t have to ask.”
1st-Oct-2007 01:33 pm (UTC) - Re: Pretty Princess. Ray/Gene/Sam! in a dress. PG-13
Can I be prescribed whatever medication they have you on because your brain seems to be twisted, happy funland and I would like to reside there for awhile.

You made me snort my tea, I hope you're happy.
1st-Oct-2007 01:38 pm (UTC) - Re: Pretty Princess. Ray/Gene/Sam! in a dress. PG-13
No, no that was anonymous. A person so cruel they didn't even sign their name to the prompt. This is my excuse and I'm sticking to it :D

Eeee, thanks!
1st-Oct-2007 03:00 pm (UTC) - Re: Pretty Princess. Ray/Gene/Sam! in a dress. PG-13
Ooo, this one was sexy! ;) Great Loz!
2nd-Oct-2007 01:52 am (UTC) - Re: Pretty Princess. Ray/Gene/Sam! in a dress. PG-13
Thanks Meli! :D
1st-Oct-2007 06:21 pm (UTC) - Re: Pretty Princess. Ray/Gene/Sam! in a dress. PG-13
I'm going to have to find the photo in question, but this became even more vivid than usual because I had this frilly purple dress my grandmother made me (a nightmare of ruffles and dotted Swiss) when I was about 10 that I was picturing Sam in. OH MY. XD

Now the only question is, who was the "Fuck me" directed toward? XD
2nd-Oct-2007 01:59 am (UTC) - Re: Pretty Princess. Ray/Gene/Sam! in a dress. PG-13
That sounds a lot like a dress I used to own.

He was saying it to both of them. You can see why the next bit didn't get written, can't you?

Dean popped up on this show the other night. And there was a scene of him sexing. And I was completely 'DO NOT WANT'. I cannot think of Dean in a sexualised manner after having seen him as Ray. It's too creepy. Also, I suspect having seen his various posts on TRA have taken away the allure.
3rd-Dec-2007 02:35 am (UTC) - Re: Pretty Princess. Ray/Gene/Sam! in a dress. PG-13

Officially bleeding from the eyeballs... Still if I squint hard enough to remove him from the scene I can enjoy the rest of it... :D
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