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Sleepless in Adelaide

I had an hour long nap today, it didn't do any good. I still feel drained. For some reason I am extraordinarily tired. I think it's a culmination of 5 hour nights. I should really get to bed early when I know I have to wake up early.

I'm enjoying "The Hollow Hills" so far, I'm just off to read some more in a bit. I'm enjoying the Welshness of it. I want to learn Welsh. To be honest, I've wanted to since I was a kid, and was madly in love with the Welsh accent as well. I'd love to hone my Anglo Saxon skills as well as learn Welsh and Gaelic. I also want to practice my French and German. I want to be full of language skill. I had so much trouble with French and German, though. I'd have to go live in Europe for a bit. And there aren't too many fora for practing Anglo-Saxon. Welsh and Gaelic are just about conceivable though... if I ever make it to Britain, but even then the chances are slim.

May as well do with English to begin with, huh? Considering how many things I want to learn, one would think I would study harder.

For dinner just then I made Beef Burgers. I don't think I want to do that again. It was just so much hassel for something that tasted not that great. It's making me feel a bit queasy actually.

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