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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

This is the positive post. The things that made me squeak with enjoyment and joy. It contains spoilers, obviously.

I absolutely adored Dudley. I really did. I had hoped that would happen, from early on. And it did and I punched the air in victory.

Seven Potters! Oh my.

Nagini in Bathilda Bagshot was so macabre. That sequence doesn't quite work for me, but the notion of Nagini wearing Bagshot as a coat is so disturbing, I'm willing to give it a reprieve. I love how horrific that is, I truly do.

As I've said, whilst the tenting around Britain and Grimmauld place parts could have been handled better, there was some absolute golden dialogue that pleased me immensely.

Kreacher --- was interesting. I never once expected that, actually, so that was a big shock. A welcome shock. Some of the reinforcing was a touch overdone, but, overall, I appreciated that Kreacher was redeemed.

Whilst I obviously take exception to a lot of what we found out about Dumbledore - or rather, that we're now supposed to still like him and forgive him - I loved learning all of those things. And I never expected it, but Rita Skeeter's totally disturbing and awful thoughts regarding the possibility between Harry and DD's relationship was sort of wonderful - especially Harry's reaction. Mmm. I really liked how much Grindelwald mattered - since he was a bit of a throwaway reference that was obviously deeply significant.

NEVILLE IS A GOD AND I LOVE HIM. Seriously. Neville. And Luna! They were just brilliant. But, yes. Neville.

Snape. I actually really loved the scenes between him and Lily, from the memories. It's obvious that he was brave, but stupid. The best way to get your muggle-born love interest to adore you is to impress her by making friends with pure-blood supremacists! Of course! Snape, you so silly.

The richness of detail. There was a lot there that was just ace - so many tidbits. That's something that JKR did brilliantly - world build. And sure, there are inconsistencies and contradictions - but, hello, look at the world.

Although I thought it was done a little too much, I kind of adored the references to the other books and grinned wildly at them.

And Harry. Harry is just absolutely my favourite character in his universe. He really is. He's such an understated hero, in so many ways. I mean, obviously not exactly understated - there are seven books dedicated to him - but, from his perspective. He just does what he has to do, for the ones he loves. And yes, he has flaws, and yes, they're annoying - so he's not this perfect cardboard cutout. But he's just wonderful. I come away from the Harry Potter books truly believing that Harry is amazing and that he deserves every positive thing the world can throw at him.

I really did enjoy reading the book. Sometimes I enjoyed it for the wrong reasons, but I still found it very entertaining. And whilst I could (and probably will, in my own, quiet way), spend forever analysing and picking apart - I actually think that's a lot of points in JKR's favour - that she wrote something, a series of somethings, that contain so much that you can discuss them - sometimes so passionately. That's what you strive to do.

ETA: Names beginning with 'B' confuse the ever living crap out of me.
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