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Life on Mars Ficathon 2007 Selection...

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Life on Mars Ficathon 2007 Selections

Rankings are due by Saturday June 23rd. You have five days to make your selections. You will be notified if I have not received your rankings by the 24th. I’d like to say I wouldn’t set Harry Woolf on you, but he has a mind of his own.

Assignments will be sent out by Monday, June 25th.

  • You will be ranking 3 participants for whom you would like to write.

  • You will be assigned 1 participant to write for once all rankings are in and sorted.

  • You will be able to choose whichever 1 of that participant's requests that you want to write. You will only be writing one fic.

I'm going to ask that, when ranking participants, you also say which one of the participant's requests you are likely to write. This is not binding; you can change your mind. I'd just like to get an idea of what's going to be written to aid in arranging assignments.

There is an element of first come, first served when multiple people request the same participant. This hardly needs to be said, but please don’t choose your own prompts.


1) Read through the list of participants below.
2) Choose the top 3 participants that you'd like to write for.
2) Copy the following form into your comment and edit it to add your requests.

<b>First Choice Participant #:</b>
<b>Request Most Likely to Write:</b>

<b>Second Choice Participant #:</b>
<b>Request Most Likely to Write:</b>

<b>Third Choice Participant #:</b>
<b>Request Most Likely to Write:</b>

<b>Additional Comments/Questions/Requests (if you want to rank more than 3 participants, put the additional ones here):</b>

First Choice Participant #: 3
Request Most Likely to Write: Gene in the future, clothes, an epiphany.

Second Choice Participant #: 22
Request Most Likely to Write: Sam has really time travelled, Vic Tyler reappearing, PG rated.

Third Choice Participant #: 30
Request Most Likely to Write: Phyllis/Gwen, treacle pudding, unreliable narrator.

Additional Comments/Questions/Requests (if you want to rank more than 3 participants, put the additional ones here): I would also happily write for participant # 4, Ray and Chris go on holiday together, water, murder mystery. I can pinch-hit for gen or het fiction. My favourite of Sam’s shirts was the green one he wore in 2.06 that got maimed by the iron.

Please read the above instructions carefully before replying. All comments will be screened so no one else can see your choices.

1. First Request: Gene-in-the-future, Sam's mum (Ruth), the line "Looks a bit dodgey to me."
Second Request: Sam/Gene, set during or immediately after episode 1.04, drunk!Sam
Third Request: Oswald, Nelson, they fight crime.

2. First Request: Annie and Sam (both still young) in 2007; a white Christmas; cooking
Second Request: Chris getting shot; male friendship; no happy ending
Third Request: Sam/Maya relationship pre-1.01; jealousy; technology
Preferences/Restrictions: No slash, please. Character death and angst are accepted/welcome.
Additional Comments: Some 'Gene-Genie' quips could be an added bonus, if thrown in here and there!

3. First Request: Ray/Sam, Sam whumping, "You should be able keep track of your officers."
Second Request: Gene/Sam, case-fic, buddy cop
Third Request: ensemble, TGC is real and the others can see her.
Preferences/Restrictions: Except for the First request, I'd prefer slash of the Gene/Sam variety where it's possible, but it's not a must.
Additional Comments: I like creepy, but not fluff! :D

4. First Request: Sam/Annie, they have a rough time re. something but get through it, happy ending
Second Request: Nelson, framed for murder, mystery
Third Request: Chris, not a div, solves case
Preferences/Restrictions: no death fic, no slash

5. First Request: 1940's; Gene, Ray, Chris, and/or Annie as a child; childhood friends
Second Request: Songfic (lyrics mixed with prose); Any 1970's music from LOM; Gene/Sam
Preferences/Restrictions: No crossovers, please.

6. First Request: Gene in 2007, technology, political correctness
Second Request: Chris as Sam's protege, computers, the future?
Third Request: Sam Williams, mystery, identity crisis
Preferences/Restrictions: Prefer to read and write gen, up to around a green cortina rating

7. First Request: Sam/Gene, Coma Hallucinations, sulky bollocks
Second Request: Cortina, sherbet fountain, deathfic
Third Request: Gene in the future, fairy tale, NC-17
Preferences/Restrictions: no het (sorry! I just can't do it..), young sam, incest / non-con

8. First Request: dark!Gene, investigative Sam, a twist in the tale
Second Request: Gene/Sam, inappropriate locations, after the rainbow
Third Request: gen Team Bonding, football, accidental surprise
Preferences/Restrictions: No non/dub-con or deathfic please.

9. First Request: Sam/Gene, Car sex, NC-17
Second Request: Chris in the future (there's a new one for you ;), Case fic, Alternative universe
Third Request: Ray/Chris,family, creepy test card girl

10. First Request: Annie, family, music
Second Request: Chris, Hospital, buddy cop
Third Request: Test card girl, missing scene, clothes
Preferences/Restrictions: Preferences: missing scene, Gene-related Restrictions: No out and out slash (implied/PG13ish ok)

11. First Request: Sam and Gene having a row, one that might damage their relationship beyond repair. Sam/Gene pairing, please.
Second Request: Something cute where Annie gets a chance to shine and be a real heroine, because Annie's awesome and so underused in fic. Can be Sam/Annie, Sam/Gene or even Gene/Annie if you like...I'm not fussed.
Third Request: Something dark and depressing, a deathfic. Kill off who you like, just devastate me doing it!
Preferences/Restrictions: No incest, no adult/child, no crossovers

12. First Request: Sam/Gene, Gene in the future, a murder investigation.
Second Request: Sam/Gene, ensemble, a day off.
Third Request: Sam/Gene, Ray, argument.
Preferences/Restrictions: No deathfic and very little angst would be appreciated.

13. First Request: Sam/gene, Sam Williams theory, Forgiving.
Second Request: Ray/Chris, Tough love, Potential.

14. First Request: Alternate Universe future fic, Evil!Sam (Tyler Empire), Annie in the future (with some Maya conflict).
Second Request: Not forgiven after s2ep8, Sam's new family in '73, Gene's regret.
Third Request: Sam gets shot, Ray's fault, Gene and Annie angst.
Preferences/Restrictions: I'd prefer het but hints of slash are fine if you include the het

15. First Request: Gene in the future, Gene/Missus, Gene/Sam
Second Request: Sam whumping, Sam/Annie, case fic
Third Request: Nelson centric, ensemble, pg13
Preferences/Restrictions: Preferably no Ray/Chris or incest stuff

16. First Request: Sam/Gene, denial, masturbation.
Second Request: Gen, teenage Sam, guitars.
Third Request: Fighting, awkward questions, Gene breaking Sam's door down instead of knocking.

17. First Request: Sam torture, rated R, Chris saves the day
Second Request: a dog-napping, the line "I seemed to have misplaced my pants.", Sam on drugs
Preferences/Restrictions: no slash

18. First Request: Gene/Sam, NC-17, handcuffs.
Second Request: Sam, Gen, a good day.
Third Request: Test Card Girl, motivations, "I never said it would be easy"

19. First Request: Ray/Chris, secrets, punch-ups.
Second Request: Whole cast (lots of Ray!), totally AU, storms.
Third Request: Gene/Ray, armed robbery, someone gets demoted.
Preferences/Restrictions: Lots of Ray! (Did you get that already??), please no pwp.

20. First Request: Sam/Annie/Gene, happy, NC-17
Second Request: Sam/Phyllis, handcuffs, NC-17
Preferences/Restrictions: No character death.

21. First Request: Vic Tyler, Episode 1.08 backstory, Bobby Charlton cigarette card
Second Request: Gene/Sam, Gene in the future, "I can't help it, guv, I am by nature a mystery..."
Third Request: Ray/Annie, sexual moustache, comedy
Preferences/Restrictions:</b> Please no Ray/Sam, but otherwise I'm pretty open to anything

22. First Request: Evil Annie, ghosts, kittens
Second Request: Gene in 2007, Mac, iPod
Third Request: Sam, demotion, alternative ending
Preferences/Restrictions: I hated 2.08. Please keep this in mind.
Additional Comments: I'm very much a horror fan.

23. First Request: Set within episode 2.05 with tripping!Sam; subplot involving Sam helping out one of the others; cars
Second Request: Case-fic; A strong 2007-1973 cross-link; scientists
Third Request: Chris-centric; creepy-test-card-girl; murder; all from Sam's Point-of-View
Preferences/Restrictions: No slash please, especially not Sam/Gene.

24. First Request: Ray/Chris, post 1x07, forgiveness
Second Request: Sam/Gene, WWII AU, Sam ends up in 1943 instead of 1973
Preferences/Restrictions: Well, I prefer Sam/Gene but I'm up for anything. Oh, except crackfic please.

25. First Request: Case fic, Sam and Gene working together in their typical fashion, noirish themes.
Second Request: A stag night (or weekend), the groom can be any of the male characters except Gene, someone commits a crime. Can be fluffy or dark in tone, up to you.
Third Request: Sam and Maya, 2007, Sam cooks.
Preferences/Restrictions: No slash, please.

26. First Request: Apocalypse!fic, childhood memories, platonic and romantic bonding.
Second Request: The secondary CID characters, Sam/Annie, "soft".
Third Request: Disembodied voices, arson, Ray proving himself.

27. First Request: Sam/Gene, Warren's club, dancing
Second Request: Sam/Gene, nightmares, test card girl
Third Request: Sam/Annie, swinging, crop
Preferences/Restrictions: No death fic

28. First Request: Evil!Annie, Sam's flat, 'Stay'.
Second Request: Sam/Gene, phobias, alcohol
Third Request: Missing scene, 2.08, Sam's POV
Preferences/Restrictions: Erm, not really, although I'd rather not get all cutesie and fluffy with anyone other than Sam/Gene!

29. First Request: Sam/mobile (because there really DOES need to be more!), jealousy, true love
Second Request: Sam/Gene, doesn't necessarily have to be slashy, lots of dialogue
Third Request: anything involving evil!Annie

30. First Request: Sam/Gene, case-fic, vision of the future
Second Request: sci-fi, alternate ending, Annie
Third Request: DCI Litton, murder enq, Chris

31. First Request: Gene/Sam, crack!porn, scarf
Second Request: Gene/Sam, detective story, alternative ending
Third Request: Chris/Ray, Gene/Sam, crackfic
Preferences/Restrictions: Please no het, or deathfic, or Annie-bashing (I've seen it, and it's unfair).

32. First Request: Music, CID go undercover, magic
Second Request: Gene's past, football, Gene/Sam
Third Request: chewing gum, Ray/Chris, bad habits
Preferences/Restrictions: No smut/PWP.

Some of the additional comments on the sign ups were hilarious. I love you guys. Life on Mars fandom – small, intense, and crazy – like our protagonist!

If you still have questions, please ask. Remember, you can email me at lozenger8 at gmail dot com. Please make sure you include a subject line like “Life on Mars Ficathon 2007” so that I know what the email is about. Thank you. Armed bastards are go.

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