Loz (lozenger8) wrote,

It's a fine, fine line...

In the fourth series of Hustle they have Marc looking really, really great. Mmmm. *leers*

So far, I'll confess to missing Mickey, even though the new character they've introduced to take Danny's position of young recruit as he steps up to lead is so far amusing and very nicely played. Ashley for the win. Another actor I'll be looking forward to seeing in Tuesday (if I ever get to see Tuesday.)

I love Tony Jordan's writing. His banter is lovely. He makes good use of cliché and odd phraseology. He's a writer after my own heart.

I think the reason I'm having trouble adjusting to Mickey's absence rests in my not actually loving Danny as a character. This shows how great an actor Marc is - because I've adored him for years and my natural inclination is to be on his side (even when he's playing psychotic nutjobs) - but Danny infuriates me. He could be so much more than he is. I don't hate him, I think he's rather sweet on occasion and he has levels - I appreciate that - but his obnoxious side is something I genuinely find obnoxious. And I find myself itching to change him.

Meanwhile, after mainlining three series of Hustle, (I've seen it before, but an episode a week, you understand), I've found myself seeing more and more in common between the Glenister brothers. And I may or may not have a teensy crush on Robert. When he does the BBC speak/posh accent, I kind of... swoon. Oh, Glenisters, you're trying to destroy young women in their twenties. Destroy us with squee.

Hustle is fun. It doesn't make me question what it means to be human. I'll never cry over the characters. Or spend hours of the day thinking thinky thoughts about them. But I enjoy it a lot.


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