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Life on Mars Ficathon 2007 Sign Ups...

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This is the second ficathon for Life on Mars. The first, organised by the incomparable versaphile was a fantastic success. You can see the results here; Life on Mars Ficathon 2006.

Life on Mars Ficathon 2007 - let’s get this party started!

  • Gen, het and slash are all welcome.

  • Multiple genres are welcome. Detective fiction! Romance! Horror!

  • Minimum story length is 1,000 words. There is no maximum.

  • There shall be a list of resources that I encourage others to contribute to, as well as a request put out for beta readers not writing in the ficathon.

  • If you're requesting, you're writing - this is an exchange.

This ficathon works on the request exchange format. You submit a set of requests. You then have the opportunity to request an assignment from the available list after sign ups end. The best way to make sure you get an assignment you want to write is to encourage as many people as possible to get involved. The more people who sign up, the more varied the choices are. Been dying for a Phyllis/Gwen femslash fic? Request it. Think there isn’t enough Sam/Mobile Phone fic in the world? (There isn’t!) Request it! Hoping that someone, somewhere will write you that Ray-as-a-werewolf fic? You know what to do, or Gene will come round and stamp on all your toys.

  • Sign ups end June 16th.

  • Selection of requests is due by June 23rd.

  • Assignments will be given out June 25th.

  • All stories will be due August 25th.

On August 25th, you will be able to post your fic to your journal or the lifein1973 community. I’ll post a masterlist, you’ll give me the link to your fic, and we’ll all enjoy a feast of reading and feedback.

To join, reply to this entry with the form below. All comments will be screened.

Fill in what you want someone else to write for you.

Your requests may contain: characters, pairings, plot points, ratings, genres and prompts. Each request is separate and may contain up to three elements. You must supply at least two requests; your assigned participant will choose which one they want to fill. Please try to choose two (or three) distinctly different requests, to give participants some flexibility.

Example elements include (but are not limited to): Sam/Annie, Sam/Gene, Ray/Chris, Gene/Annie, Gene/The Missus, ensemble, buddy cop, a specific rating (ie; G, PG, PG-13, R or NC-17 fic), a specific genre (science fiction, comedy, fairy tale), young Sam, Sam whumping, Gene in the future, Sam waking up, creepy test card girl, Nelson, Gene-centric, anything involving Chris, Ray-as-a-werewolf, the phrase “alright then, sulky bollocks”, family, car sex, Sam's flat, coma hallucinations, lost & found, movies, a bottle of wine, a murder investigation, music, missing scene fic, case-fic, alternative universe, etc.

Fill in what you are uncomfortable receiving.

If there are characters, pairings, or story elements you particularly don't want to receive, please list them. Your preferences and restrictions will be taken into account when participants are listed. If you can’t see yourself enjoying Station/Cortina (their love is so concrete) – say so.

Pinch-hitters. (Clarification: back-up fic writers.)

Volunteers for pinch-hitters are needed - please include your availability. I can almost guarantee that we will need a pinch-hit. That’s okay. Sometimes life rears its ugly head. The more pinch-hitters we have, the less stress there is for everyone.

Form (copy and paste into a comment):

<b>First Request (three elements):</b>
<b>Second Request (three elements):</b>
<b>Third Request (three elements, optional):</b>
<b>Additional Comments:</b>
<b>Can you pinch-hit?:</b>

Name: Loz
Email: lozenger8@gmail.com
First Request (three elements): Gene in the future, clothes, an epiphany.
Second Request (three elements): Alternative ending fic, Sam in 2007, research.
Third Request (three elements, optional): Sam/Mobile Phone, insanity, set during episode 1.01.
Preferences/Restrictions: Please no deathfic (no, not even if it’s canon.)
Additional Comments: I think I may be in love with Bubbles the clown.
Can you pinch-hit?: Yes, I can.

Remember, all comments are screened. That means only you and I can see them. You have until June 16th to sign up. If you have any questions, feel free to email me at lozenger8 at gmail dot com. Please make sure you include a subject line like “Life on Mars Ficathon 2007” so that I know what the email is about. Thank you.
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