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Heroes - 1.23

I feel... underwhelmed. It was good. It wasn't mind blowing. I don't know why I was expecting mind blowing - I guess because of episodes like "Company Man", that completely subverted everything I had previously thought. Or maybe because I just don't trust writers of television shows anymore.

Of course, it's deliberately anti-climactic and a cliffhanger, because it is a serial and they want us to tune in next season. I really don't think either Peter or Nathan are dead - because so much of the season was built on those Petrelli brothers.

And can I just say - I've avoided it all season, but this really brings it home - they have to be aware of the incest vibe, don't they? I mean - really? The looking at the photograph and then the "I love you"s? Really. I thought it was pretty loud with the lingering kiss on the cheek earlier on in the season, but this episode was the whole Peter/Nathan show.

I did do a little whoop of joy when Nathan swung into view. Brilliant special effects again.

HRG is called Noah!

Parkman better not die.

I predict future Molly/Micah storylines (>:p)

Ando is safe (for now). If Ando's not back next season (and somehow, I think if he is, it won't be straight away), I'll be sad. Hiro and Ando together make me happy.

Is Sylar dead or not? I admit, I entertained thoughts of him now being a cockroach.

I think I would have liked more of the other heroes using their powers. When Niki did, she almost completely redeemed all of her past actions. That was cool.

I absolutely adored this line; "Our shared experience of the fantastic - and the mundane." Love.

Mmm. I liked it. But, like with anything that throws up that many different possibilities, it feels a bit hollow. It's clever, because there are any number of ways it can now go. But it didn't affect me as emotionally as I was thinking it would.

But that could just be because I refuse to believe they'd kill off Nathan and/or Peter.
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