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There's apparently a very cool meme going around where we list 20 bits of our own personal canon for our fandoms. Some of these I believe very strongly in (in so far as I'm fully aware I made them up, but I love them too much to admit it), and some of them are more things I've giggled to myself about once or twice in personal fannish musings.

1. Sam can and does play guitar. Mostly air guitar, when no one's around. But still, he's proficient. He won't tell anybody in 1973 because he knows they'll mock him. Sam wants to give the appearance that he was not made for creativity. (He's written a song for Annie that includes the line "and even though it's not all as it seems/turns out you're the woman of my dreams".)

2. When he was younger, Sam had floppy, wavy hair. His hair still curls when it's damp and he judiciously uses a comb to give it a perfectly straight appearance.

3. As a young teenager, Sam had a brief but strong obsession with Byron and would write terrible Byronic verse. That he sometimes set to music.

4. Sam thinks Dan Brown is a crap writer and was being sarcastic and ironic when he brought him up that time, knowing no one would get the joke.

5. Sam loved his mobile phone with a hot, fiery passion. He still misses it, even though he left it. Sam actually loved all of his mobile phones over the years, so one could argue it's more the concept of a mobile that he adores, but, er, he gave his latest one a name - Tweedledee.

6. Sam has the potential to be a killer. A cold blooded killer. Just take one aspect, rearrange it, and there he is, a psychopath. There's a darkness in Sam.

7. Gene doesn't like the word 'fuck' - a remnant of his strict upbringing. If people say it around him, he tells them to cut it out. "Bastard", "bum bandit", "wanker" and "prick" are all thoroughly acceptable, though.

8. Gene met his wife when he was just turning 18, before National service. When he returned, a changed man, she was dating Jimmy Brownlow. Five years passed between the time he met her and the time they married. He courted her with a vigour he now reserves for supporting City. Gene's wife is called Clara. She has an odd sense of humour, is extroverted and passionate. She's not stunning, but good looking, and makes a point not to voice her dissatisfaction with Gene's work habits too often. She likes to spend money on kitchen appliances. She loves to cook. She runs a whole bunch of community committees. And she has a part-time job. (Gene doesn't know this last part.)

9. When they have the time, Gene and his wife listen to Roger Whittaker and go to the movies together. They love each other madly. They don't tell each other everything, but they tell each other enough. Gene's been unfaithful in flesh, but not in spirit. The only person he's come close to sharing as much of himself with is Sam.

10. Gene likes to think he's insensitive to his violent ways. He's not. Sometimes, he regrets that punch. It's not often, but it's there. He truly believes that his way is the way. Until Sam. And even then, he's 95 percent sure.

11. Gene would take the backhanders. He rarely spent them. More often than not they'd go into a suitcase he keeps in the back of the wardrobe. There's a couple of thousand there still.

12. Gene uses humour as a means of defense.

13. Chris' full name is Christian Paul Skelton. He prefers to go by Chris because he thinks his name sounds really religious and not many of the cops admit to religiosity. That doesn't stop Chris from going to Church on Sunday, if he can. His dad would have a fit if he didn't, and since he's still living under his roof, he has to make the effort.

14. With the right application and attention, Chris has the potential to be seriously good at whatever he puts his mind to. Only, he's never found the right application and attention, until now.

15. Chris used to follow Ray around when he first joined CID. In the beginning, Ray found it really bloody annoying, especially when Chris tried to grow the moustache - but after a while, he grew to like the constant respect - he was shaping a copper for the better, here, and he made a good friend too.

16. Ray would dive in front of a bullet for Chris. He's never told him and he never will.

17. Ray and Chris once took their then-girlfriends to Liverpool for a dirty weekend. When the women realised there'd been a mix-up at reception and there was only one room, they hoofed it, leaving Ray and Chris alone. They ate and drank more than their body weight in crisps and beer. They had an excellent time.

18. Annie was never actually a barmaid. She made it up to make her appointment to the pub undercover gig sound more professional and less blatantly exploitative than it was. Annie's not superwoman, you know. There's only so much she could have done by her age. She's surprised Sam believes her so readily.

19. Annie and Sam spent the day after their first real kiss kissing. And the day after that, talking. And Annie's not easy, but the day after that, sexing. Sam wore her favourite shirt of his. (But not for long.)

20. Sam and Gene love each other. Deeply. This one actually is in the canon of the show, but is avoided by Matthew Graham in discussion because it wasn't exactly his intention to write a great gay romance saga. He doesn't understand that people can actually believe in platonic, non-romantic, non-sexual love. Of course, just because we can, it doesn't mean we don't sometimes decide to play on the homoerotic side a little. Sam and Gene? Love.

Bonus: 21. Actually, everyone on the team is in love with each other. Even the random authentic CID boys. It's how they work so well. Love and respect, trust and loyalty.

Bonus Bonus: 22. Sam went back to a real 1973 and they're all alive somewhere. There was no death or suicide. Not a one.

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