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Heroes - 1.22 - Landslide.

There were some things that were made of brilliance in this episode. And some that were kind of lame.


-Jessica, DL, Parkman and HRG in the lift as tacky lift music played. Genius. I would, personally, have extended that a fraction. But then, I come from the Futurama school of "hold it, juuuust a little longer, just a biiit more..."
-Linderman's death (I screamed and then put my hands over my eyes, arghhhh.)
-Thompson's death. I was as shocked as I was that time Mal kicked that guy into the engine in Firefly. I never expect the apparent 'good' side to kill with no remorse. (Then again, HRG? Not so much with the 'good'. More of the 'morally grey'.)
-Hiro and his father.
-Sylar at the end with the hands and 'boom'. I, er, kind of adore Sylar. Not to the point where I wouldn't be pleased to see him go bye bye, but enough that whenever he's on screen I grin like a lunatic.


-Ando. Dude. The surest way to get yourself killed. Surely he'd know that? I know Hiro and Ando sometimes do monumentally dumb things, but this one I can't forgive. Even if it transpires it was suggested to him by Papa Nakamura.
-Niki. I really think the writers think she's an awesome character, but she just grates on me. I have the same reaction to her that I have to Gwen in Torchwood - I'm constantly being told she's great but I do not see it. I think Ali Larter is a good actress, I even have moments where I think Jessica is kind of cool - and that's the problem, I think - I always look forward to Jessica as opposed to Niki.
-It kind of seemed like Candice's whole reason for being evil is that she was bullied for her looks. Boo hoo, so was I, you don't see me keeping a child hostage. Okay, so I'm oversimplifying that, but isn't that how it seemed?

Things I'm ambivalent towards:
-Linderman's healing of Heidi. It was obvious and contrived, but at least it wasn't turned into a gigantic deal. Mmm. I don't know. The scene where she stood up was kind of lame, but Nathan's reaction was kind of perfect.
-"The greater good". Is it just me or has that turned from being a positive phrase to a negative one through Heroes? I don't trust in 'the greater good' as a concept. (Actually, that comes up in shows like Buffy and Angel too.)
-DL's apparent death. I like DL and Micah. If I could, I'd erase the Niki/Jessica thing entirely and just have them, I think.

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