Loz (lozenger8) wrote,

There is Life on Mars...

Spoilers for Life on Mars 2.08...


Random notes that were written whilst viewing go as follows;



Sean Gilder. (I'm going to pretend he was cast because of my State of Play cap and captioning. He wasn't, of course, but I live in a fun fantasy world.)


Sam is fucking nuts.

John is an amazing actor.

The Sam/Annie scene was annoying me/feeling strangely deja vu until it was undercut beautifully.

Severed heads!

"Grab them by their balls and their hearts and minds will surely follow."


There was a moment there when I thought Sam and Gene may just kill each other with their stares.


Feeling = looks directly at Gene!!!!

"I see a darkness in you, Sam."

Mobile radio!

Hah. Yes. John would have preferred the jump as the ending. Well, tough luck. Matthew gave me what I wanted. I AM STILL SHAKING WITH JOY AT THIS!!! I really, really didn't think he was going to do this - as evidenced by such stories as "Not By Mechanical Aid", "This I Know to be True" and "This is the Story that Goes Like This". I was pretty bloody convinced Sam was going back to 2006/07 - with the possibility of 1973 not being real. And he did. But he didn't stay. And 1973 still might not be real. So. "As Humans, We Crave Disappointment" ended up being my closest story to what actually happened - minus the getting run over and kissing... Damn.

Stay. Here. Forever === heeee!


Okay, now, because I'm nothing if not honest - this episode was a bit all over the place. The multiple endings was very Lord of the Rings, so I agree with John there. I am ultimately glad, though. The Wizard of Oz references didn't exactly pay off - except that Morgan was the surgeon in 2006/07, and wasn't he still nice and creepy? There was no way Sam would recover that quickly - so either we lost a lot of time there due to the magic of television, or the ambiguity is still there for a reason. I actually love the ambiguity, I have to admit. There are still lots of theories that could be true. Throughout the episode we had some good lines, but not nearly as many quotable ones. I think Matthew got distracted by his plot - or maybe he thought they were out of place? Actually, it's probably that last one.

In the end?

I am still totally and utterly amazed and... yes, Matthew, you pulled the rug out from under me. Good for you. I do know that there are several people who will not like this ending, but being the bag I am, I don't much care - because this was my ending. This was what I wanted. And I got it. AND I AM STILL SO TOTALLY SHOCKED AND OVERWHELMED BY THIS, I'M CRYING AGAIN.

It's just a television show. It's just my very wonderful, brilliantly made, heart-warming television show that delivers everything I ever wanted and everything I never knew and I am so insanely pleased about this. And as my lj-cut line says - I owe Matthew Graham - and in fact the whole Life on Mars production team - my soul.

1. I picked up on the tumour idea in "The Too, Too Fragile Mind". I think I officially win.
2. AMNESIA amuses me because of "Forgetting Tomorrow" - which I reread yesterday and wished I hadn't because I desperately want to re-edit it and I promised myself I would never do that so I could learn from my mistakes.
3. The mobile radio? That was there just for me ;)

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