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Another day rolls by...

Well, until I found out I had my package, my day was a mixed "blah".

Let me tell you of the stupidity of certain Research Skills Class organisers. There are about 57 people doing this course. 57 people who had to give 10 minute speeches each. They split us up into 3 groups of 19.

Our sessions usually last 2 hours.

Anyone with even an inkling of mathematics knowledge would be seeing the discrepancy here.

Instead of spanning the talks out over 2 sessions, however, as most of us had expected - they decided it was best to go all the way through. Hence today ended up as 4 hours due to us accounting for organisation of material. 4 hours of sitting, listening to people talk.

Unfair on the person who has to talk, unfair on the audience.

Worst of it is that everyone was smart enough to want to go early, so even though early on I said I would be happy to go next, I was pushed back and pushed back until I was one of the last.

Worse than that, certain smart people had managed to sneak out between people's talks.

Now I am best with a large audience. By some quirk of personality, I enjoy speaking to large audiences, I'm confident and poised. It's the small audiences which get me. By the time it was my turn, though, we were down to 9.

I panicked a bit unfortunately, and didn't perform as I knew I could. I skipped some integral parts of me speech by accident.

I still got 80%, but I knew I could have got at least 95%.

I managed to get the two texts I needed for my King Arthur course at Borders and Dymocks, though, so the day wasn't a complete loss.

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