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Title: This is the Story that Goes Like This
Fandom: Life on Mars
Rating: PG
Word Count: 850 words
Notes: No actual spoilers for 2.08, because I haven't seen the trailer and don't want to. But this is a take on an alternative ending of the show. Also, it is gen (mostly).

It's been a long day at the station. It's often been a long day. They're long days because being on the force is hard, alright? They've been niggling at each other. No, not the long days. Hunt and Tyler. They've been bickering. Not much more than bickering. Just your odd insult. Just your average punch. Something about proper procedure. Something about being a Sheriff. Something about a one-man-band street performer who's been outside the station for the past four hours playing 'the extended works of Vera Lynn' on his drum, harmonica and sodding ukulele. Hunt wants to send Big Biliousome Boris after him. Boris is in for smacking down his grandma. But Tyler says 'no, that's bad' and that he checked, their talented Mr. Music has a permit from the council. Hunt has started drawing up plans for strategic council attack.

And things are normal. As normal as they ever are in 1973. Annie's working on her own case. And Chris is trying to help. Ray's got his foot in a drawer and is apparently calling up contacts, although he sounds like he's friendlier with them than he should be, with chatting about 'inside downstairs' and 'downstairs back-to-front'. The other CID boys, the nameless ones, well, they're standing around looking authentic. Sam flits from desk to desk, laying down a folder and pointing into the distance, telling someone to do something, and his shirt looks really shiny in the lighting - there's something metallic about the way the green glints - and if there were any girls around, there'd be swooning, but Annie's not a girl anymore, she's a WDC.

Anyway, if you need to know, it's not going to remain normal for long, because Sam's going to have one of his attacks and this time - well this is the last one, let's just put it like that. He hasn't actually heard anything for a while - no hospital noises at least, so it's going to come as an extra shock. He'll look as crazy as usual, eyes wide or screwed shut, teeth clenched, arms outstretched in a great cosmic hug. He will yell, possibly scream. And all of this will occur in the centre of CID, for maximum dramatic effect.

It happens as described. Annie wants to get a doctor. Gene says he thinks not. Annie thinks he's being a narrow-minded arsehole. She decides she doesn't much like the Guv. She doesn't quite know why Sam trusts him as much as he does. She doesn't say anything. She smiles politely and goes back to her place - because the W is in WDC for a reason - and she wants those letters to stay with her. Gene is actually trying to protect Sam. A doctor might just send Sam to the funny farm and as irritating as Sam can be, he's too good for that. He might be the other side of completely raving mad, but he's a great bloke. And he has a shiny shirt.

Sam does that running thing he does, where he swivels and extends his arms forward and starts pumping his legs. He runs out of CID. He doesn't go into the lift, which is a shame, because someone out there was counting on a Tyler/Hunt confrontation in a tight enclosed space to make high-pitched noises over. (That someone was me.) Sam stops in the corridor and crashes to his knees, frowning. He acts like he's talking to someone. Gene watches Sam, his eyes veiled occasionally by a nervous flicker of his eyelids, long eyelashes sweeping down - this is unimportant to the action, it's just a nice way of saying he's got really pretty eyes. Apparently they're green and not blue, but they're pretty all the same. Sam isn't noticing any of this. The light is making his shirt shinier and his St Christopher's Medal - symbol for the patron saint of travellers (also fruit dealers, sudden death and bookbinders) - shimmers.

When Sam comes to, he's apologetic, but there's a fervent look of bowel-shaking knowledge in his expression. Those expressions are hard to pull off, but Sam manages it, because he's had training in how to appear batshit crazy. Sam clutches at Gene's arms and Gene makes no move to stop him. He frowns and hopes Sam's going to get over whatever it is soon, it's almost dinner time, he's having 'oops.

"You alright, Sammy-boy?"

"More than alright. I know. I know why I'm here."

"Better here than anywhere else."


And Sam stays. He stays in 1973. He stays in 1974. He lives his life. With Gene. Forever. They argue and fight and beat the bad guys. Sam gets married to Annie and they go on double dinner dates with Gene and the Missus (this is here for non-slashers, and possibly Matthew, and also because it's cute.) Chris and Ray marry too. Other people. Not each other. You bad person, you. The days are long and there's bickering to be had. Mr. Music makes enough money to make a record. The council comes under surreptitious attack. And nothing's explained. But no hearts are broken either. And that's it. That's the end.

Tags: gen, humour, life on mars, rated pg, short, writing
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