Loz (lozenger8) wrote,


Title: Saying. Staying.
Fandom: Life on Mars.
Rating: G
Word Count: 200 words.
Notes: Gen. My weekly response to an episode, so spoilers for 2.07.

Sam says, “You’re staying here.”

Gene says, “Okay.”

Gene stays in Sam’s dingy flat and looks disapprovingly at the furniture.

“You need a settee.”

“No room.”

“It could be a sofa-bed. Get rid of this heap of junk here.”

Gene points downwards to the bed that’s tilting under the weight of 20 stone of DCI. Sam quirks an eyebrow and continues frying bacon.

Sam says, “If I get a settee or a sofa, it’s like admitting defeat.”

Gene says, “I have absolutely no idea what you’re going on about. Is that bacon finished?”

Sam rolls his eyes, sets the plates down on the table, watches as Gene stretches his legs and sits down in his awful, secondhand chair.

“What’d they say back at the station if they knew you were staying here tonight?”

“They’d say ‘Oh, look at that – the pure, pure love of DCI Hunt and DI Tyler’. And then I’d tear ‘em limb from limb.”

Gene gives a little head wobble and Sam laughs, loudly. Too loudly. He scares the neighbour’s cat.

Sam says, “Is it alright?”

Gene says, “Yeah. I knew you’d come through in the end.”

Sam says, “I meant the bacon.”

Gene says, “I know.”

Tags: buddy cop, gen, humour, life on mars, rated g, tiny, writing

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