Loz (lozenger8) wrote,

They call me the midnight rambler...

justbreathe80 is having a fantastic "Less is More" challenge, which I already wrote a ficlet for, because I'm like that. Guess the fandom. Go on! If I said it was over at 1973flashfic, how much of a hint would that be?

This is me not keeping my promises to myself again, by the way. I keep telling myself I need to start being a patient writer - you know, really concentrate on the craft of a real narrative. Instead, I find myself constantly falling back on my old friend the vignette. One night soon, me and vignette are going to go too far and I'll be left with a bastard lovechild.

And now, I rec because I care - chaletian's Gene/The Missus 2.04 tag Lipstick - very believable, with fantastic voices and picture perfect view of their relationship.
Tags: life on mars, writing

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