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We all want a little bit of gay-boy science...

In a spectacular show of brilliance I managed to set off from my front step incorrectly, sending me crashing to the ground with a twisted ankle and a scraped knee. I had to hobble to Centrelink and hand in my unemployed-gimme-cash form, all the while wincing about my hurtsies.

But! I have a story written just for me that I can reread - taurenova's Time and Time Again. Torchwood/Life on Mars with a slashy (Jack/Ianto) bent. It's written from a great Ianto perspective and it's bittersweet, clever and wonderful.

Despite the cheering up of delightful fic, I am still feeling rather despondent - not helped by the ankle, of course. Mum and Dad are going to see Eric Clapton in concert tonight, and I'll admit that I'm jealous. Jez bought them the tickets for Dad's birthday last year. He should have at least got Nick - resident guitar player - a ticket. But Jez isn't always all that bright. And I say that as a loving sister. I just have to remind myself that next month Nick and I are going to see Weird Al, who may not always play guitar, but can play the piano accordian like a rocking thing.

It's interesting seeing the reaction to the Radio Times cover from the wider, quieter Life on Mars fen. The general consensus appears to be the same as mine when I first opened my inbox and clicked on blancafic's email. To be perfectly honest, I'm really surprised the marketing campaign has been so very slashy. Maybe I'm just skewed because most of those I've made friends with in the fandom (hi!) are of the non-slash persuasion, but I'm not sure it's necessarily marketing to the majority. So, as I said, surprised. Delighted, of course. But surprised nonetheless. The trailers are relatively gen/het oriented. It's nice to know they're trying to cater for everyone. And by 'everyone', I mean 'me'.
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