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Stolen content of this entry brought to you by grrliz and jantalaimon.

For you: Look at my userpics. Based on those icons, answer the following questions:

1. Which icon do you associate with me?
2. Which icon is your favorite?
3. Which icon is your least favorite?
4. Which icon would you like to see me use more often?
5. One that you don't understand?
6. Can you make 2 of my icons converse?
7. When you comment, use your favorite icon and tell me why you love it.

For me: Look at your LJ userpics list. If you have fewer than 50 icons, pick every fifth one. If you have between fifty and seventy-five icons, pick every seventh one. If you have over seventy-five icons, pick every tenth one. If you have fewer than ten, pick all of 'em. List them on your LJ, and tell everyone exactly why you have it, why it's interesting to you, what significance does it have.

A Kids in the Hall promotion picture from Same Guys, New Dresses. It's one of the first KitH icons I made and is suitably absurd, I think.

KitH again! This is from a photoshoot the Kids did for Rolling Stone magazine. I really like this picture. unikki_icons did a great job with the soft colouring.

One of my non-fannish icons. I really adore the colouring. This was unikki_icons again.

Oh, Ianto. The only Torchwood character I liked enough to commit to pixels. I'm thinking of deleting him now.

Chris! I have a massive soft spot for Chris. If I were to be honest with myself, he's probably equal with Annie as being my second favourite Life on Mars character. (Sam and Gene are first, of course.)

Stick people having sex in what I always imagined as a park in Adelaide, spelling out my name as they do so.

I never realised my KitH icons were spread out like this. This is from one of the funnier short sketches. Mark does nutty bunny well.

I chose Creepy Test Card Girl to instill fear in the members of 1973flashfic and lifeonicons. I don't think it worked. It's basically just a separate icon to indicate when I'm being official and when I'm being me.

Benton Fraser and Ray Vecchio. I love their friendship. This is from the outtakes which play at the end of... "Flashback"? Either way, it's a neat shot - Paul grinning at David, who's doing this oddly sly smile at the camera.

Phyllis is so made of awesome. I love her. I also love this exchange that Sam has with her. strangeumbrella made this icon for me and it's so perfect!

Technically, this came ninth, but since I was at the end of the list, I felt I had to include it. This cannot be unintentional. This, that SFX article, other articles talking about Sam and Gene's partnership. It's so, so good. Because I know it's problematic, but dammit, I like it anyway. Sam and Gene really are my OTP. blancafic sent this to me, because she knows me too well.

I was tagged to do this, twice! I find it very difficult doing "guilt" memes, because I just don't feel guilt. I don't. So I shall answer this as "if I were to feel guilt, I guess I might about these..."

I adore Angel Delight - that ready-mix mousse? Adore it. I'm sure it's not haute cuisine or anything close to proper food, but give me Angel Delight and I'll be happy. I have the palate of a four year old.

Well, how about the fact I never read, but have all these books? Mmm. Must really remedy that.

I'm not guilty about anything specific that I watch, but if I were to be guilty, it would probably be about how much I watch. I have been known to mainline up to 8 episodes a day of Whose Line is it Anyway?, Kids in the Hall or Futurama. Uh... I watched the entirety of The Lakes in three days? I'm kinda compulsive when it comes to watching stuff. This is, of course, when I have nothing better to do - but even when I am working, I watch at least one episode of a tv show every day - just, not on the television.

Kylie Minogue.

I'm not really into celebrities. I love actors and musicians, yes, but I usually like the ones who feel uncomfortable being in the limelight for a reason other than their immediate profession. Having said that, I guess I could mention all of the 'celebrities' I only know because of Go Fug Yourself.

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