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But plenty of people know Laura...

I thought this was interesting.

The instruction is to write a drabble, exactly 100 words, based on your default icon. No cheating and switching icons for the purpose!

The red is eye-catching. The bubbles look cool. The swirls and curlicues promote false freedom. The icon says "Loz tastes like cola, and cola tastes good." It's a brand. Loz is a brand. Not Laura, that insecure girl with too much time on her hands, but Loz, who makes a joke out of everything and thrives on attention. All shall know the name of Loz, and all shall think Loz is nice, and all shall be amused by the ego that is Loz. But no-one will know Loz, because you can't know a brand name. You can only observe it.
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