Loz (lozenger8) wrote,

All this misguessing gets you nowhere...

I have a job interview on Wednesday.


Unfortunately, it's for a job I most probably don't want, because it's in a school's After Hours School Care program - and I really want a proper teaching job, not just a looking-after-kids job ("what's the difference?" I hear you cry.) The main problem with it is that it would finish at 6.30pm and the bus I'd need to catch to get home stops running before then.


Still, a job interview. My very first one. There's going to be two people. I need to learn to be all confident and charming between then and now. I think, rather than actually becoming confident and charming, I'll just act. I can do that. I've learnt from the best.


Also, any day now, I get my letter of authority to teach. Which means going around to schools and having mini-interviews in order to convince them to hire me when someone's sick or in a conference or on Mars.

Ah Ah.
Tags: teaching

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