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Call it compulsive, call it impulsive, call it insane...

So, I'm watching Vanity Fair and Phil's Dobbin is just killing me with his sweetness. It's the strangest thing seeing Phil play someone who isn't bastard coated bastard with marshmallowy goodness. Of course, I had seen him as Lawrence in Calendar Girls, but you get the distinct impression that Lawrence could be a jerk if he wanted to be. Dobbin, on the other hand, is pure unmitigated anti-bastard. I want to pet him.

Oh, Phil.

Meanwhile, as severa pointed out in a comment, Dobbin is about the only character who isn't wholly comprised of all that is despicable in humanity. Needless to say, I am enjoying this adaptation quite a lot, but it might not be for everyone.

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His eyes look green in parts of Vanity Fair. It's amazing that they can do that. Just change colour depending on the light and colours surrounding him. I prefer his eyes when they look bluer, because my eyes are green and I've never found green all that an alluring colour (what? that's not strange, is it?) but they're still impossibly large and pretty anyway.

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