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Running out of ink...

One. Track. Mind.

This post is discussion of the Life on Mars article in SFX.

The latest article was scanned through for those of us who live in far-flung lands.

It's so delightful. Oh, boys. The pictures, the interviews. I can't wait to get my hands on my actual copy.

Best quotes;

John, speaking about Sam and Gene: They're a really good partnership. There are times when they're that far apart and times when they can't really be without each other. Not in that kind of way.

OH REALLY? HAHAHAHA. True love. Clearly. :D


Interviewer: Would be interesting though...
John: Oh yeah, especially on Gene's part. Sam could get away with it. He calls him gay boy anyway.


Why am I envisioning a conversation between Matthew and John?

"We have slash fans on the boards. I know. I've seen them. Make references to the pure, pure love of Sam and Gene and they'll be happy. And then they'll buy more merchandise."

"So. What? You want me to suggest Sam and Gene are gay?"

"Not exactly, just hint at the depth of their relationship."

"But they're... Matthew, Gene Hunt is quite possibly the straightest character ever written."

"That's your interpretation. He's obsessed with male bonding, remember. G'arn. Just say something - a throwaway line the interviewer can pick up on."

"... okay."

Phil, talking about fighting the bad guys: I get to beat up someone called Dicky Fingers. Some of the names in this series! We've got another one called Toolbox Terry. It's like something out of Bob the Builder!

Oh, Phil. ♥

Heh. John's complaining again. He's lovely, but he's seriously one of grumpiest people his age, I swear. And he says Sam's not the nicest guy. Sometimes I think he ignores all of Sam's good qualities and just dwells on his lesser ones, bitterly thinking about how much he misses home.

And Phil's angry because he can't smoke inside or swear on the show. Poor Phil. Gene totally wouldn't say 'fuck', though - so there.

Phil, on who should play Gene Hunt: Naturally I thought Johnny Depp. Hmm. Maybe somebody older - Nick Nolte. They're starting to show the British version over there soon, but I don't know what the fuck they'll make of it!

Hahaha. He's such a potty-mouth.

Okay, so I can't ignore this lovely quote:

John, on not missing Sam: But I'll miss the people. I mean, I've been married to Phil Glenister for two years! We lived next door to each other for this one. Next door flats.

It's a good thing they do actually get along well. That could have been horrible, otherwise. And then we'd have even more quotes of complaint.

I really, really like what Matthew and Ashley say about the ending. It sounds like I'll get the kind of ending I want. I'm okay with wild, magnificent theories in fandom, but to be honest, I'd prefer something more straightforward in the show. So any of the main theories (coma/time travel), (coma hallucinations/time travel) or (coma/vivid coma-induced reality based on thirty-three year old memories) would be best for me.

Oh, dude, and I almost forgot - the picture of Marc Warren! HAHAHAHA!

And I have a shiny new desktop wallpaper made from the most gorgeous John Simm and Phil Glenister pictures ever:
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