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Little miss, little miss, little miss can't do wrong...

So, one of my belated birthday presents was going to see Little Miss Sunshine with both of my brothers at Moonlight Cinema last night. Moonlight Cinema is like a drive-in without the cars - an open-space film-showing which occurs every Summer at the Botanic Gardens. In previous years I've been to see Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone (in costume!), The Rocky Horror Picture Show (should have worn a costume) and Pirates of the Caribbean (arrr me hearties!)

I have this thing where I don't like to know anything about the films I watch before I watch them. Really. Trailers are generally the bane of my existence - especially those which encapsulate the entire movie in two minutes. Obviously I'm not like this with book adaptations, but generally, the less I know about a plot and characters, the better. So, I went into Little Miss Sunshine knowing who the actors were and that there were some people on my friends list who LOVED IT, oh my goodness what the frightful barbeque, and those who thought they should like it more but didn't think it was all that exceptional. Nothing else.

Not knowing essentially what this film was about made it that much sweeter to me, I think. I hadn't seen anything to do with it, all I really knew of it was reaction. So, I was surprised when it revolved around going to Olive's beauty-pageant (ah, so that's what the van was for in that one pic I saw), and I was surprised it was such an ensemble film (yay, I love ensembles!)

I really liked it. At parts I loved it. By the end, I LOVED it. I can see why it could leave others with a general sense of 'huh? this is the film everyone loves? this is nothing!', but I generally adore quiet, desperate films which are also funny. I think I'm falling so deeply in love with Steve Carell that I'm going to start watching the US Office.

Having said I'd share my opinion on it, I can't really think of anything to say. I thought it was mostly predictable - I knew that Olive wouldn't win the beauty pageant, and I guessed that her dance was going to be odd in some way. I was actually banking on a brilliant tap routine, but what it actually was made horrifying, terrifying sense and really was one of the funniest/shocking things I have ever seen. I about died when Kinnear joined in. (I, um... I'm one of those who has always loved Kinnear, and he's so good at playing jerks who have redeeming qualities.)

The way it was shot was fantastic. There were some beautifully constructed scenes. The music was wonderful. The acting really was fabulous.

Yes. I liked it.

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