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Sekrit Santa Thoughts I Bring...

Oooh! dS Sekrit Santa has also been revealed!

A huge, squeezy, warm hug to j_s_cavalcante, author of the most excellent Like Glass. It really is a fantastic story and was exactly what I wanted, but also so much more. I love it. Thank you.

My involvement is detailed below the cut.

I wrote Of Powers and Persuasions (F/V, PG) for aingeal8c. Many thanks to cocoajava for beta-reading it for me.

Yes. This was much more challenging than Karma Chameleon, and I didn't even think that was possible. This was a story for Aingeal. You know. Aingeal, who was one of the first people to befriend me in dS fandom? Who showed me the error of my ways in not being madly in love with the concept of F/V? You know - the one with the sparkling dialogue and golden lines? Yes. That Aingeal.

I may or may not have flailed. A lot.

Originally I wrote a depressing little story;

“You want proscuitto, Benny? How about some olives?”

I suggest we dine in, Ray insists on making me pizza. He says that the decision hinges on the fact it would be less expensive to acquire the composite ingredients – not exactly in those words, of course - but I can tell from the way Ray is avoiding conversation that he knows something he doesn’t want to know.

“That sounds fine, Ray.”

I stare at his back, following the taut line of his shoulders, the graceful curve of his neck as he tilts his head to the left. His hair, always so short now, conjures up mental images of brushing my hands over his scalp and feeling the bristles tickle my palms. I remember warm green eyes staring into mine, full of latent promise. Lips caressing my torso as fingers trace over scars achieved through foolish bravado, misunderstandings, and a dead otter.

“Ray,” I begin, unsure of how to broach the subject. I let the word hang in the air, suspended by fear and disregard.

“I’ve got pineapple, you want pineapple? There’s anchovies too.”

“You don’t like anchovies, do you, Ray?”

“For you? I’m willing to convert.”

I chuckle. He expects me to chuckle.

I stand from the chair I was sitting on and take my place beside him, grabbing the can opener from the drawer and beginning the task of separating the top of the metal encasing from the bottom. The tin peels back with a serrated edge – sharp and defined. Strange to think that ripping something open could actually lead to something good.

It's all about Fraser being forced to take a transfer back up to Canada. I really didn't like the note of finality in the story. It was, frankly, draining me of all joy. Now, I know that some people are more than happy for a healthy dose of angst as giftfic, but I suspected Aingeal's not exactly like that. But. Um. I completely lost my prompt, (I kind of deleted the email by accident. My hard drive blew up, so I lost the saved copy of it too), so I couldn't really check up on what she'd specified. Still, this attempt didn't sit right with me. I tried again.

The second attempt was even less successful. I'm not even going to inflict it on you.

So. I ended up with "Powers and Persuasions", and I don't hate it, but it still doesn't feel worthy of Aingeal, who, despite this, is an absolute darling and still says she likes it. ♥ One day I will write the fic for you.

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