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Yuletidean Thoughts I Bring...

Author's names have been revealed on the yuletide website.

I'd like to dedicate a great big "you are made of win and I love you" to Lavender and Old Spice author valderys. You did such an amazing job with what I requested and I can't tell you how much I appreciate it.

I shall talk a little about my own involvement in yuletide in the rest of the post.

I completely understand why yuletide is fondly thought of by so many. It really is a fantastic experience and if time permits, I shall definitely participate again this year.

I wrote Karma Chameleon - which is based in the glorious My Name is Earl universe.

I didn't do the guessing meme, because I felt it would be too cruel. I'm not sure I've mentioned how much I adore the show here, there or anywhere - and my putting it in my 'willing to write' box was very much a case of "I've seen that, I like the characters!" But when it comes down to it, I am very glad it was the one to come up.

There really is very little fic to be found devoted to this show, or at least, it's well out of reach of my prying eyes. So, I pretty much had to rely upon myself, watching the show, and, er... karma.

This is it with most fandoms in yuletide, which I just think is awesome. I think, as fannish writers, we do often rely upon one another in our fandoms to guide us (spark ideas, encourage, be the collective consciousness), but with yuletide, it's a singular experience - because these fandoms aren't so much fandoms as rare gems. Even if there is a thriving fandom, (I'm thinking of up-and-comers like Torchwood or Heroes, or, you know, Life on Mars *we're quiet, but volatile*), you might not necessarily participate, the groundwork is still only half done, there's a lot yet to be explored. It's a blessing and a curse on multiple levels.

Writing Karma Chameleon was a challenge, but a fun challenge. The kind of challenge you want to do again. The request I was given went along the lines of "I love the tone of this show", so that's what I strived to capture. I didn't exactly venture off the beaten path or take too many risks, because the story itself was the risk. I am so far removed from that reality. I watched My Name is Earl when it came on every week, I looked up quotes, and that's all I really could do.

The thing about the show is that it is so perfect in all of these beautiful little ways. It doesn't need fan fiction. I see this being said a lot about various different programs/novels/films, and whilst there are always exceptions to the rule, it usually holds true. I love the tone of the show, the way the characters interact, the quirky warm-heartedness.

Um, even though I know it's incredibly vain, I'm going to gloat a little and say, quite happily, that the story got recced. Which is awesome. And just so encouraging, you have no idea (unless you do.) It's hard to get over the glee of being recced and getting comments from complete strangers for a story which is based in an obscure fandom. It is a good indicator that every now and then, you do actually get things right. And, you know, I love getting things right. It doesn't happen every day.

In conclusion - yuletide is made of brilliance and I'm really glad I participated. Not only did I get a wonderful giftfic, all for me, in my favourite fandom (yeah, there's really no denying that), I also got the satisfaction of giving a giftfic to someone else.


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