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Wherein I suspect I'm morally suspect...

John Simm in Cracker, where he's all young and a killer. Not quite a serial killer, because he hasn't really got one set MO (he has co-committed multiple murders), but still... my awful, twisted little heart goes "yay!"

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He is so young (he's not really, he's older than me, 24-25, but he's playing a 17 year old and he looks it.)

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There's his partner in crime, who is an actor I see in everything and don't actually know the name of.

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Isn't he sweet? Bwahahaha. Hahahaha.

In his earlier roles, John had that adorable hair all the time, so I'm assuming that if he let it grow out, it would go like that again. I really want him to let it grow. But he won't.

Overdosing on John Simm media is a perfectly healthy way to spend one's life, what're you talking about?
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