Loz (lozenger8) wrote,

Luckiest. Person. Ever.

Insta-rec of stories written just for me. They are truly excellent. I am the luckiest person ever!

Like Glass, due South [Bridging the gap between gen and slash, PG.] There are so many details in this story. There is so much which is not said. I love how there's an undercurrent which is only ever in the subtext. The characterisation is fantastic. There's family tension and Ray K coming to terms with his father and such a heart-wrenching Fraser. It's completely plausible and even though there are moments when it hurts, there's also this amazing warmth which creeps up and attacks you. Read it!

Lavender and Old Spice, Life on Mars [Gen, G]. I got my fandom in Yuletide, Oh My God! My very own, it's eaten my brain, it's so wonderful, fandom! And this story is exactly what I wanted. A mystery. An ensemble. The title is brilliant. The characterisation is spot on. Sam is most excellent. As is Gene. As is Chris. And Annie. And Phyllis. And Ray. Really - all characters are well served. It has this wonderful voice and tone which crawls inside you and takes up residence. It has glee! It has Blackpool! It has layers. It's really bloody excellent and it's for me. Read it. Now.

Tags: due south, life on mars, yuletide

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