Loz (lozenger8) wrote,

Not awash with ambiguity...

martianholiday was a complete and utter success, so thank you very much to soobunny for organising it with me. Thank you also to all of the participants! ♥ We have a lot of talented people in this fandom.

I had three brilliant entries created just for me! And now I shall likewise share them, because they are meant to be adored.

Home is where I hang my hat [Gen, Nelson-centric, Rated G] by neuralclone. It is touching, and amusing, and sounds perfect given what we know of Nelson (which is, of course, not very much at all.)

A minor characters icon set [6 icons, of which 01 and 04 are exclusively mine, yay!] by strangeumbrella. As you can see, I am already greedily using them. I finally have a Ray icon and it is beautiful, just like Dean (even if Ray is still icky, bad and wrong.)


Just a Dream [PG, slash & het - Sam/Gene, Sam/Annie] by my partner in organised crime LoMfest, soobunny. It is amusing and bemused, and presents an unfortunate situation for our Sam (which is what LoMfans generally encourage, not least because John Simm is gorgeous when he's being angsty.)

Then, there are all of those ficlets and icon sets which I pretended had been made just for me because they were that awesome.

Life on Mars, bringer of glee... even if it looks like it isn't airing in mid-January like I'd hoped.
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