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Every motive escalate...

Title: it’s the end of the world as we know it (and I feel fine)
Fandom: Heroes
Rating: G
Word Count: 1000 words.
Notes: Gen. Late night insomnia fic, so apologies if this is really nonsensical. Spoilers up to 1.11. Hiro, Ando, Peter and Sylar - and obviously I have no idea what's happening next. The title is from the REM song.


Hiro believes in destiny. He has to. He knows that there are elements he does not have the power to change. It is a question of responsibility; a question of nobility. It would be wrong for one man to bend time and space without there being repercussions or consequences. Not all of them are bad.


Peter believes in his destiny as much as he believes in his reality. In the beginning he thought it was his duty to help, but now that he knows he will destruct, he’s planning on crawling into a deep dark place somewhere far away. He can’t be around people. If he’s around people, he’ll kill. And he can’t do that. He was put on this earth to save lives, not take them.


Sylar believes in a destiny of his own making. There are multiple trajectories and multiple tangents. He chooses the path of glory. What power does anyone else have over his future life? As little as possible. He’s not ruling it out. He’s seen some things. But he is not passive, and he is not weak. He is Sylar.


It is due to destiny that they all have the same destination.

Hiro knows where Peter will be and has to stop him from making a terrible mistake. This is something he can change, so he will.

Peter thinks that he knows what’s best, and he has always strived to be the best that he can be – no matter what anyone else has said or thought.

Sylar’s not quite as clever as he lets himself believe. He’s lured into potential danger with a few cleverly chosen translated words.


They stand in front of him. The taller one, Ando, keeps his gaze flickering from his friend’s face to Sylar’s own. Interesting.

“You have the ability to know how things work,” Ando says, speaking in sharp staccato, and with caution.

Sylar doesn’t say anything. He just stares. He could kill these two in ten seconds flat and they all know it. He raises his hand and - nothing. They’re gone.

“You have the power to stop a catastrophe.” Ando’s voice echoes off the grey rock. Sylar is curious. He should have anticipated this.

“I wouldn’t want to,” Sylar replies, a laugh on the edge of his voice, like an icicle on the verge of melting.

There’s some hushed talking, low voices, and he listens. If only he had absorbed her memories when he had absorbed her ability to keep them. Life would be easier with a handful of Japanese. He guesses he can manage for the meantime. He’s managed before. And before long, they’ll be-

“Hiro has been to the future. He has seen you dead.”

“You’re lying.”

“We’re not. Hiro does not lie. It is against his moral code, as a bastion of Good.”

A ‘bastion of Good’? Yes, it’s just like him to take the high road. Sylar can tell. He’s seen that part of Hiro, ticking away.

It’s a conscious decision to take the sly tone out of his voice. “So how do I stop that from happening?”

“You help us. You help us and you live. You help other people live.”

Sylar’s not about helping others, he’s about helping himself. But if that involves residual Samaritan work… he’s not above that. Not yet. One day.


“Peter Petrelli.”

Peter swings around, blinking. There’s a furtive nature to his stance which skirts on the other side of terrified.

“How’d you find me? Don’t come any closer.”

Sylar is the one to speak. “We needed to, so we did. You have to trust us, Peter.”

“I don’t… I can’t… Get away.” Peter scrambles for control. He’s not sure he can gain it.

“I see how you do what you do, Peter.”

Peter’s mouth is dry and his palms are sweaty. He’s a walking cliché.

“There’s no use.”

Hiro speaks, stepping forward. “There is every use in the world, Peter Petrelli. We are here for you.”

Peter’s voice breaks on the second syllable. “I’ll kill you.”

Hiro opens his mouth. Sylar interjects. “I’ve killed people before, it’s not that big a deal.”

Peter is frozen to the spot as Sylar walks towards him. He wants to run. He wants to scream. He’ll stand, waiting. He’s used to waiting.

Sylar tilts his head to the left and the right. He blinks three times in rapid succession. He places a hand on each side of Peter’s face. And Peter can see, can see the code in Sylar’s DNA, the source of his ability. He can see the gene required to switch on the control mechanism for powers no human should have. It’s a flash of colour, whirling. It’s making him sick to his stomach.

“I will make you good as new,” Sylar says, and for some reason there’s a darkness in those seven words which strikes Peter down his very centre. He goes to pull away, but Sylar has him held tight, perhaps not consciously, but certainly with the pressure of half a dozen powers that Peter doesn’t have the ability to slot into any sort of working order.

There is a moment of intense, blinding pain, and Peter finds himself on the ground, alone. He doesn’t know if it has worked. He doesn’t know anything.


Hiro doesn’t lie. That’s not to say that Ando follows his lead.

Hiro knows that working hand-in-hand with destiny requires sacrifice. If he is to stop the end of the world - and he is sure that he is - he has to know when to make these decisions.

He needed to fix Peter, and he knew the person to do so. He saw it, as clearly as the daytime, glowing with latent promise. He also knew that when it was done, he would have to ensure the safety of his friends and comrades in arms, and now that he’s figured out a way to teleport another person, this part was easy.

The next plan will not work as effectively as this one did. He doesn’t even know exactly what it is. But when he figures it out, he’ll be fine.


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