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Torchwood - They Keep Killing Suzie

Finally we discover that what was needed was two writers per episode. Because this one was good. Not great. Not brilliant. But good. Enjoyable, envigorating, emusing. Good!

I liked the plot, it kept me sustained. I didn't spend half the time poking at the plotholes, because I was too interested in seeing what was happening next. I liked the acting. Indira Varma's decision to play Suzie as a petulant teenager was inspired. <td valign="middle">Gareth David-Lloyd</td><td nowrap="1" valign="middle"></td>'s delivery throughout was fantastic. The production of the show was as excellent as usual.

My main gripe with the episode was how we kept getting told that Gwen is so wonderful, but I just do not see it. It's incredibly lazy to keep telling an audience you're supposed to like someone - you need to show it. All I've ever seen Gwen do is get self-righteous and make a bundle of mistakes. She couldn't plan her own resurrection months in advance, triggered by hypnotic suggestion and Emily Dickinson poetry. How then is she so much better than Suzie? Oh, because we keep getting told she is.

This gripe was, though, compensated by the wonder that is the highly suggestive ending, which, by the way, did have me grinning a great big grin. Ianto really is, by far and away, my favourite character. I'm convinced Jack and Ianto are going to have a lot of fun with their snail racing. (What else would you use a stopwatch for?!)

Even though I had problems with "CYBERWOMAN Vs PTERODACTYL", I do appreciate what it gave us in terms of character development with Ianto. And it might have been applied with a sledgehammer, but hearing his thoughts in "Greeks Bearing Gifts" helped too. We move from a man trying to hold onto a love which is futile - to a man who feels like every part of him is in pain - to hot man on man action (one presumes.) And this progression does actually make sense. This is how you build a character. We get shown through small events and comments what kind of person Ianto is - slightly anal (no pun intended), efficient, intelligent, emotionally capable but closed off. He's a person with a dry sense of humour, an inordinate love of rhyming names for devices, and an ability to read what other people want even before they realise it. In short - Ianto is a well constructed character and I like and care about him (unlike Owen, who is also a well constructed character, with whom I have a complex, mostly heavily denied relationship. I like him! But I don't. But I do! But, no, I really don't. Owen! Yay!)

Now I am hoping the next episode is as not-bad as this one was.


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