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I know Old English! I can hit a high C for 29 seconds!..

There was a lot of snark today. The beginning teacher conferences have so far yielded little extra information and have consisted largely of boredom inducement. Erica and I decided to ignore the fact the officials had given us different sessions to go to (despite us having chosen the exact same preferences) and just went to whatever we felt like. I imagine that these sessions were only marginally more entertaining than those we'd been assigned. If I had known that 'How to Maximise Your Chances of Employment with DECS' was a lecture on how to do something that we had to do in August - and furthermore, something I had already done, I'd never have put my name down for this - because the free lunch really wasn't worth it. I do not have magical Cuban heels! I do not have a DeLorean! These past 45 minutes have been entirely useless thankyouverymuch!

I did learn that if I had a permanent position, I'd be getting a slightly higher payment because of my English Honours. I learnt this at the same moment that I learnt I won't be getting a permanent position this next year, because they would all have been filled by now, so I'm waiting on DECS to assign me contract work. If this happens at all. Delightful. One way of 'maximising my chances of employment' would have been to be a Maths and Science Secondary School teacher - as opposed to a Junior Primary/Primary School teacher - well, I can hardly help that can I? They're constantly saying in the media that there is a shortage of teachers - both rural and metropolitan. This is because they're not hiring any.

Yeah. The whole day has simply made me completely rantastic and doubtful that I will gain any teaching employment in the forseeable future. What's the point of doing several years worth of University if you're not guaranteed work at the end of it? Bah and humbug.
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