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Battlefar Galaxica...

I haven't quite been the stickler of tradition I normally am.

I've been watching it, but I haven't really been compelled to post. I don't know what happened to the days where I was desperate to say something immediately after seeing an episode, but I suspect they got damaged some time in Season 2.

Uh. I can't really remember how I felt about episodes 6 and 7, but I suspect I didn't care about them one way or another. I do find myself wondering why I'm still going to the effort of watching the show, because even though there have been moments where I love it, they're relatively easy to forget.

As I've said in all the posts this season, I feel like it's me, as well, and not the program. That my expectations were too high. Or I was wrong about what the show would be like. Or something.

This episode - it was okay. I didn't hate it. I didn't love it (obviously, I didn't love it.)

I just... the plot progression doesn't work for me. Not as part of the episode; not as part of the season; and definitely not as part of the entire series. We still haven't seen those scenes Moore et al hinted at - the ones describing what happened during the whole time jump and --- well, it feels far too late now, you know?

I think I probably would have found the whole 'I instigated the cylon attack' thing clever, if I thought it had in any way been plotted out from the beginning. But it really wasn't, was it? It's just a rabbit out of a hat mechanism. And it's probably bad that my knowledge of this is what makes me not like it, but the way it was done leaves a lot to be desired. No amount of hanging a lantern on it by having a strangely lucid Starbuck point out how ridiculous it is is going to recover it, either.

Back to strangely lucid Starbuck - I find her ability to go from completely broken to fighting fit within two minutes highly amusing. It reminds me of Lee's transformation from suicidal to A-okay to Soft to Cut. Amusing in a dark, mocking kind of way, you understand.

D'Anna has gone from being a cool cylon addition to simply annoying me constantly. I do not care about her dreams. I do not want to know about whatever she gets up to with Six and Gaius. I think it's over-exposure, to be honest. I tend to prefer my characterisation to come through in little drips and drabs, not a great big glob of information. Okay, D'Anna is conflicted and is getting messages from God, we get it. Who is to bet that I wouldn't be nearly this caustic if it was a Leoben plot thread? But then, it should have been - shouldn't it? Leoben's the one who sees patterns. D'Anna feels like a replacement for Six and Leoben - and further more, a completely redundant one.

The cylon plan was to let loose a guy they've kept captive for three years because they thought he would kill Adama? Wow. That's a mighty clev - wait, no, no, wrong word - stupid, yes, that's better, an incredibly mindnumbingly dumb plan. I'm not saying that anything the cylons have ever done is all that... genius, or anything? But usually, it's more sophisticated than a hackneyed attempt to bring up a situation long since passed. Especially a hackneyed attempt which - let's face it - involves elements which have already been done. (How many times are the cylons going to try to directly kill Adama? I'm thinking the answer is 'a lot'.)

I think I'm finally realising that cylon plans are always used to further the plot simply so that writers can mess with characters. And okay, yeah, I'm totally guilty of creating unrealistic external situations and fobbing it off on some element of the story so that I can explore internal characterisation. That's how I recognise it. I don't get paid for my writing, either, so - you know - I'm kind of feeling justified in taking the easy route. I even berate myself for doing so. In a professional product, I think there should really be more to plot than 'but hey, then we can play with someone's Hero complex'. Plot and character could be more intertwined - if we actually got to see characters taking action and making choices and progressing the plot themselves - as opposed to the current "which cylon crazycakes action will fuck them up this week?"

Things which I thought were good;

The Adama Boys Scene? Was surprisingly excellent. Even if I still don't think the motivation for it happening was all that well conceived, I appreciated this scene. We got to see Edward James Olmos and Jamie Bamber acting again, which was nice.

Laura Roslin's a cold hearted bitch in so many ways.

Okay, so Tigh was quite interesting and I liked the ending part with the reconciliation.

I did like the character of Bulldog, and thought the performance was very good. So, points for that, even if his introduction gets a big thumbs down.

The look of the episode was really great. I have to admit, I've been so annoyed with plot and character lately that the fantastic production values of the show have swept over my head, but that is something which has been consistently good - it still looks and sounds like a well-made, well-thought-out show.

I miss that time when I was all about the 'yay' and less about the hyper critical.

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