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A journey into my engagement with The Kids in the Hall.

Contains 6 embedded youtube videos.

I got into The Kids in the Hall because of Slings and Arrows. I pretty much fell madly in love with Mark McKinney because of his portrayal of Richard in the first series of S&A, so I searched down KitH. I had been a Dave Foley fan at the age of 12, watching the most underrated sitcom of the mid-90s - NewsRadio. So I figured it would be worth it, and I wasn’t wrong.

I mainlined several episodes every night for weeks. One of my first posts about watching it is here.

I’ll admit that to begin with, some of the jokes and sketches were lost on me. Some of the KitH jokes are inherently Canadian. And some of them were clearly written whilst under the influence of hallucinatory substances. But I enjoyed it. I fell even deeper for Mark and my crush for Dave returned. I also fell for Bruce, Kevin and Scott.

I’ve seen all 5 series of the show, the Tour of Duty DVD, Same Guys, New Dresses and Brain Candy. I really hope they get their act together and do some reunion shows next year (they were supposed to this year but something happened – either it was Mark needing to promote Slings and Arrows series 3 or Dave hosting Celebrity Poker, or maybe Bruce with his film directing career? I don’t know.) And I hope they film them. And come to South Australia. A girl can dream, can’t she?

I often watch episodes again and again. I forget sketches, too! Just yesterday I watched a series 2 episode and I swear I saw one of the sketches for the first time.

They’re great together, they really are. Each Kid contributes something unique. I’ve found I tend to prefer sketches that revolve around Dave and Kevin, and together, they sometimes take over Mark as my favourite Kid(s). But I like them working as a whole ensemble, and in their various different combinations.

The Kids created some of the funniest comedic characters ever put to screen. Gavin. The Headcrusher. Sir Simon Milligan and Hecubus. Buddy Cole. Francesca Fiore and Bruno Puntz-Jones. Darrill. Chicken Lady!

I wouldn’t necessarily say I’ve been inspired creatively by The Kids in the Hall but I do quote them an awful lot. So, maybe I have. Either way, despite making jokes about Dave and Kevin being One True Platonic Pairing, I’ve never wanted to write KitH RPF. I’m inclined to think this is a good thing.

I could go on about how great they are for another 500 words, or I could share some of favourite KitH sketches, courtesy of YouTube. I think I’ll do the latter.

Sex Girl Patrol. Quite possibly my very favourite sketch. It's up there with "The Heavy Pen" from episode 2.06. Which doesn't seem to be on YouTube. Damn.

Chicken Lady!

My favourite "Headcrusher" sketch.

Dr Seuss Bible.


Gavin and a chair.

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