Loz (lozenger8) wrote,

Ever since we've said our goodbyes...

I lied. Clocking Off posts won't be coming for a while. My internet connection is capped, which means my CO caps can't be uploaded until 9 days from now (it's soooo slooooow.)

I have a confession to make. I kind of have a massive crush on Matthew Graham, co-creator of Life on Mars. It might partly be that I've read so many interviews with him, but he just seems so awesome. And he was cute in that Timeshift - Creating Life on Mars documentary. Um. If you have to judge me, remember I'm a special kind of special? I crush on him for his brain.

MMM. Brains.

Another confession. I have recurring nightmares about stupid things. Some horrible things have happened to me in my time but I have nightmares about not being able to find the toilet, or having a crack in one of my front teeth (that was my nightmare last night - I had a crack in my tooth and it was bleeding OMG, and that was the big scariness of it) OR, and this is my favourite one - about missing my German and French exams - you know, the ones I took six years ago.

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