Loz (lozenger8) wrote,

Wasted day. Wasted life. Dessert, please...

I went on an excursion today. It was fun, if slightly pointless. Myself and two fellow now-finished Student Teachers, Erica and Rachel, went off to see Educational Supplies stores - each at the other end of Adelaide, or thereabouts. There was a lot of bus taking and a lot of walking. It was a warm and windy day so at alternating moments I either felt that my skin might burn to a crisp, or I might be blown into the road. Luckily, neither of these appear to have happened.

In both of the stores the salespeople regarded us with slightly startled wide eyes and constant surveillance. We were asked several times if we needed help. Considering we were all wearing jeans and t-shirts, and none of us look exactly old enough to be teachers, I'm not really all that surprised. I imagine they only have two times of year where they get a regular influx of customers - in the middle of the year and at the very beginning.

We walked around, perusing, critiquing. Both stores had next to no useful Indigenous Education resources. There were a lot of literacy and numeracy resources, though, which is somewhat comforting. I think the items Erica, Rachel and I were most interested in, if judged by the amount of time we spent looking at them, were the stickers. There were lots of stickers. The second place we went to ended up being far more useful, with a wider variety of options, which was odd to us at the time, because it was in a location which was far off the beaten track.

I saw at least three books I would really like to purchase if and when I have the cash. They're full of the kinds of ideas which can be applied across the board - and would be especially useful if I am to be doing substitute/relief work next year. A lot of the resources were the kinds of things schools themselves would buy, though, and if you were lucky enough to hold a temporary or permanent position, you would have full access to them. Still, it's nice to see them all in a shop, so it isn't like they come from this hidden land of the imagination.

All of it was incredibly expensive. If I ever get the inclination to set up a business, I think I'll go into Educational Aids and School Supplies.

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