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Woke up this morning, at 11 11...

Okay, so depending on the interesting article that jhd91 very kindly linked to on lifein1973, I can't help myself asking speculative questions that revolve around spoilers about Life on Mars.

Ashes To Ashes is set in the 1980s and is due to feature some cast members from the original show, if it gets the go-ahead.

Now, intially, I read 'cast members' and thought "well, it probably would have anyway, British television incest and all that. It doesn't mean they're playing the same people," but it was the next quote in the article which really did me in;

Peter Fincham: “It will be more Miami Vice than The Sweeney. Hopefully, we’ll have several main characters rolling their sleeves up for us.”

That's not just cast members. That's characters. Characters! So does this confirm, then, that Life on Mars is revolving around time travel of some form? Because how can the characters exist in the 80s, if they only exist in Sam's head? THEY CAN'T! You couldn't go and see the same characters some 8 years into the future if it were in Sam's head unless Sam was there too - and having seen what John and Phil say about finishing the show makes that highly unlikely.

The whole article assumes that Sam really is transported back in time. We know Matthew Graham prefers it if we think about the coma angle. He doesn't necessarily say it is a coma, just that he likes that people are thinking about the coma as opposed to just straight time travel. We also know that John Simm said that in the next series you start to assume Sam really is in a coma with a great big emphasis on the unspoken until...

As an article, it was just one big tease - because it raises so many questions. And the thing is; I'm not sure I trust it. At all. Fincham might not actually know much about the Kudos direction at all - they're talking about 2008, but think about how long LoM was in pre-production and how much it changed from the initial idea to the final product. The article writer might just be inflecting it all with his own preconceptions about the show.


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