Loz (lozenger8) wrote,

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I'm not in a particularly cheerful mood today.

My computer has decided it will not load Windows in anything but Safe Mode. It stalls on the loading screen for - well - ever. This is after I spent all night trying to fix my father's computer, which is working considerably better than it was. I need to be able to back up my files, because so help me God, if I lost them, cities would tumble. I was able to go into Safe Mode with Networking (we have Nick's, Dad's and my computers networked via a switch), and it appears to be tranferring the files over relatively well. Fingers crossed.

Add onto this general feelings of 'people suck' and 'I hate being scared about my future', then you have me - a grumble-bum.

At least I have this great little backlog of new things to watch.

ETA: QI, where have you been my whole life? Alan Davies is on so much crack. Stephen Fry is wonderful. And Rich Hall! And Bill Bailey! And some person called Jeremy Hardy I don't know but who seems cool!
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