Loz (lozenger8) wrote,

I think I'm about to cry in frustration...

Okay. I'm going to weigh in on this. There is something rotten in the state of CoSForums and to be honest, it's annoying me a great deal. I may not be a constant CoSer anymore, but this is still managing to affect me - because CoS had and will always have, a place in my heart.

There was a time when CoS gave my life a considerable amount of meaning. I learnt a large part of who I am as a young adult there. I honed my skills in diplomacy and politics. I worked with truly fantastic people. I dealt with issues I never thought I would have to in my life. And verily, it was good. It wasn't always fun. There were arguments - with enemies and friends alike. Yes, I did and said things I regret. I didn't always get along with everyone at all times.

What's going on at CoS and in the outer connected realms is a prime example of what JK Rowling is writing in resistance to. Discord, emnity, differing factions waging war. People I like and respect are behaving in ways which are unbecoming. There is a constant flow of anger. And do you know what? There doesn't have to be. Take a step back and get some perspective.

There is no need to publically humiliate others and use twisting words against them. It only makes you look petty and childish.

If you are angry about something, perhaps you should examine that anger and think of what you might do to deal with it yourself. Getting angry never solved anything.

Actually read what the other side is saying. Not the words of hate, since it's obvious you're adept at that - but their actual arguments which started this off. Formulating your own (false, foolish, frankly absurd) interpretation of their arguments and counter-arguments is destructive.

Attacking a Staff of volunteers, who do not get paid, who spend hours performing tasks - for you - for no glory - is not only ridiculous, but spiteful. Let's see how well you do, trying to deal with thousands upon thousands of members, each with their own expectations and agendas. You cannot please everyone all the time. It would be best you remembered that.

Keep in mind that the platform you have used for all of this is a series of fictional texts.

And most of all, I think I speak for most of us lurking on the outskirts about this - really think about how you are behaving. Is this really the image you want to project? As far as I am aware, all involved in this affair actually do possess considerable intelligence.
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