Loz (lozenger8) wrote,

She says she has no time, for you now...

Do you prefer having something to work towards or just drifting?

I've noticed I tend to set myself goals whenever I don't have external pressing engagements. They might be incredibly trivial goals, in fact, they usually are, but they give me some direction. My latest goal has included reading. I've started to attack some of the books I have. For fun! I don't have to read. I choose to. It's rather glorious.

Another goal has been the playing computer games. Oh, computer games. How I missed ye. Nick's on holiday so we've been playing Age of Empires and Ravenshield and it's been great. I haven't lost too terribly. In fact, I even won a few times. The luxury of sitting down and playing something whilst being aware you're not actually procrastinating is similarly glorious.

A goal I'd rather push to the back of mind is one which involves looking for a part-time/full-time job. Not a teaching job, since I'll be applying for them in the next couple of months, but won't actually be legally allowed to teach until January next year. Just a job which will earn me an income.

I feel like I should probably set myself something of more import - but I won't. Not yet.

And now my goal is to go to sleep, because it's apparently almost 2 in the morning.

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