Loz (lozenger8) wrote,

Ten times or more...

Writing for the short-lived finite fandom AKA - why did Life on Mars have to be my writing muse?

It's official! My favourite show does finish with the next series. No two-part extravaganza. There might be fanfare and parades. Even though I am disappointed, it's a strange sort of disappointment.

I always knew that this was it, of course. The thing about Life on Mars which appeals to me most is that it is short, self-contained, has quick questions and quick answers. It doesn't drag on for a ridiculous time, creating a false suspense which can only lead to a gigantic anti-climax. I want the show to finish on a high, and I'm sure it will.

At the same time, though, this is a world I want to play in. I love writing stories about Life on Mars. I love messing about with the characters and getting into their heads and trying to capture their nuances. I love getting bits of dialogue and exposition and story ideas constantly. It's been absolutely fantastic for my writing.

And I think... well, the ridiculous thing is that I am sure... that this never actually occurred to me before. I'm used to due South, which looks like it's going to live on forever. And Harry Potter, which is continued because of that whole waiting for the next book thing and which will probably continue, at least for a few years, after the seventh book. I'm going to have a whole collection of stories which will exist only in this closed-off context.

I've become emotionally, intellectually and creatively invested in something which has a short lifespan. Is it less or more problematic to write for a series which is only going to be comprised of 16 episodes?
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