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Before yesterday it had been way, way too long since I had seen a film. So I hightailed it to the video store and borrowed the hell out of some DVDs. I got V for Vendetta and, uh... High School Musical and Robots.

... I felt I needed to counteract what I was predicting would be serious social commentary with films aimed at 10 year olds?

Of course, what I wasn't counting on was;

That V for Vendetta - whilst being a good film, and stylistically gorgeous, really wasn't quite as serious or thought provoking as I had predicted it would be.

I really enjoyed it, and I thought all of the performances were outstanding. Part of me is madly in love with Stephen Rea. I definitely adore Stephen Fry and Hugo Weaving, but I always have. I thought Natalie Portman was excellent, although I'll confess that I usually do (we'll ignore Star Wars for the moment.)

I thought V was an amazing character. I really adored him - even when he acted in ways I didn't condone. Evey was also sympathetic. I think I spent most of the time feeling sorry for Finch, though.

The plot was clever, if not suffering a little from saggy middle syndrome. There's that whole section where Evey has had her life irrevocably changed and she's walking around London in the rain. Okay, then.

On the whole --- I don't know. Perhaps it just felt too derivative to really make an impact on me? Yes, of course, it was deliberately derivative. Mostly, it probably wasn't the film itself so much as my expectations of the film. This is why I usually try not to expect anything from the films I watch, you understand.

It's definitely a film I could and would watch again.


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