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Who fans in a fan like this?..

Oh, I pretty much couldn't resist this. thefourthvine is doing some interesting meta work and has asked in this post that we each post this poll to see how we are viewed as a fan.

In this poll, all of you lovely people are supposed to tell me what kind of fan you think I am. (Emphasis added because this has caused a bit of confusion. This poll is about me. Post your own poll so others can answer it about you.)

Poll #831695 What kind of fan am I?

This is sort of like a Sorting Hat deal, only - not. In your opinion - ignore my own opinion, please - what fan archetype am I, Loz? All answers cheerfully accepted; it's not like any of these is a bad archetype.

Baaaaaaaby animal: I've been in fandom less than a year, so I don't know what I'll be yet.
Camel: I sometimes don't have any fandom at all. And then I get to an oasis and get into it again.
Canadian goose: I mate for life; I've only ever had one fandom, and I've had that fandom for more than two years.
Gorilla: I have a select group of 3 - 6 fandoms that I stick by.
Human: I have one true fandom, but I, um, see other fandoms from time to time.
Hummingbird: I dart from fandom to fandom. Nothing holds my attention for long. I've had many, many fandoms.
Lone wolf: I have a teeny true fandom, so I supplement with other, larger fandoms.
Magpie: I love the shiny, and I'm always picking up new fandoms, but I keep the old ones back at the nest. I have many, many fandoms.
Swallow: I migrate back and forth between two fandoms.
Turtle: I move from fandom to fandom, but very slowly.
Zoologist: I'm a fan of fandom, not of any specific one.
Chimera: some combination of the above.
Fantastic beast: none of the above.

Now, if you want to, do this same poll yourself and comment to thefourthvine with a link in the initiation post.
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