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Am I the only one who gets to make you laugh...

You may have noticed that my life isn't all that thrilling currently (or ever.)

I had a great time on Saturday. Amy/liani_banks and I went out for lunch. We had fish and chips, which was probably a bad idea. We were down the beach. It was cold. We ate the fish and chips in the car. It has now been infused with this most glorious of fastfood smells. Several weeks of the aroma may just put Amy off fish and chips for life. After a while sitting there we went to see where her office is relocating next year. It's all shiny and lovely. After that, we had a view of where she works now (which is not shiny and lovely) and hightailed it to the Chocolate Bean which is a tiny tucked away place in the city centre that is full of chocolatey goodness. We got to chat and catch up. It was nice.

I have signed up to be a part of the band and to do a solo at the Christmas concert held by the place I take my voice lessons. My brother Nick/scidazzle is going to be playing guitar with the band. We're hoping to convince everyone to do Jimi Hendrix's "Little Wing". The concert's in late November. I'm still enjoying voice lessons. I've always thought I was a relatively good singer, mostly because people have told me so, but I also have a lot of bad practices which I need to unlearn, (much like my writing), so the lessons certainly aren't a waste. I have a history of being a reportedly good performer acting and public-speaking wise, so hopefully I won't get stage fright or anything. I'm really looking forward to rehearsals. You wait - there will be weekly reports on how horrid rehearsals are now.

This week will mostly be spent constructing a Unit Plan for Health and PE. Yay. I will not be starting that story idea which is nagging persistently at the back of my brain. (Except, you know, I probably will.)

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