Loz (lozenger8) wrote,

Lying here in summer's cauldron...

I've almost completely finished this God-forsaken essay. I just need to do a quick edit and finish up my reference list and then I am free... Free... FREE to continue my Life on Mars fiction, oh my yes. I'm working on an idea for 1973flashfic's darkness challenge and I have a short fuzzy fic off with a beta-reader (I hope. I'm a bit worried the email didn't send properly.)

I always kind of feel a bit odd about participating in challenges I set because, hello, ego much? But if I didn't, then no-one would. And it's certainly not like I've been getting tonnes of feedback from everyone because I'm resident comm-mod. Everyone still gives feedback to the stories that interest them, and mine aren't always all that interesting (although, I do kind of love Measure for Measure, which I wrote for the Shoe Challenge.) I don't know. I'm trying to promote action in others, but at the same time, I'm casting the gaze on myself and that always makes me a tiny bit squeamish. (No. Really. It does.)

I better actually do that reference list thing. The muscles at the back of my neck are in knots over the stress of this. Blech.
Tags: life on mars, teaching

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