Loz (lozenger8) wrote,

Birdhouse of my soul...

Just another 2,500 words of this essay to get through.

I wish I had the proper motivation to write this essay. Instead, I'm applying all of the concepts I've revisited in this topic to thoughts about fandom. I should be writing about teaching. I'm thinking about fandom. It's terrible. I'm terrible. I want to be a teacher! I have to stop distracting myself, but hey - look, doing a great job. And it's not even procrastination so much. It's um... it's misapplied academic thought.

Perhaps I have to admit that part of me actually is just like those other education students who are sick of talking about social justice. They have been overloading us with it. How many times does a student have to wail before they realise they need to use a lighter touch when beating it into us?

Maybe it's just that divergence and convergence of the cynical and the idealist which is going on with me in every topic at the moment. I feel like I'm divided between two distinct personalities - the person who is optimistic and dreams they can make a better future, and the person who says their pessimism is realism and knows that there are extenuating circumstances.

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