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Don't the hours grow shorter as the days go by...

Hello there!

I have seen that quite a few new people have popped up over the last month or so. Welcome! I've seen other journals do this, so I thought;- why not this one?

If anyone (and that means those of you I've known for 2+ years too) feels like filling out this short survey to tell me a little something about themselves, that would be great!

Name You Go By:
Location in the World:
Pick A Topic (Any Topic):
Favourite Colour/Word/Animal:
Website or LJ Comm You Recommend:
Why Did You Friend This Journal?:

And since it's unfair to put it up and not do it myself;

Name You Go By: Loz
Location in the World: Adelaide, Australia
Pick A Topic (Any Topic): Education!
Favourite Colour/Word/Animal: Red/Bindlestitch/Cat
Music?: Yes! All kinds! My favourite bands are Queen and Barenaked Ladies.
Film/TV?: Too much! Way too much! I love my DVDs. Some of the tv shows I love are Life on Mars, Slings & Arrows, due South, Kids in the Hall and Futurama.
Website or LJ Comm You Recommend: IMDb and, if you're interested in Life on Mars fan fiction; 1973flashfic
Why Did You Friend This Journal?: I actually don't have it friended. I know that some people have their own LJs friended, but I don't, no.
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